I Will Not Become an Enemy! – 33


“How are you?”

“…I am fine. I am alive…I think.”

I managed to answer as I looked down at my body and moved my fingers.

I was fine. Nothing had turned into sand. But I still felt numb, as if I was moving a body that was not mine. It was a strange feeling.


It was as if my body had changed–just imagining it made a chill go down my spine.

I think that I was able to become a magician. But were magicians the same creatures as humans? What if I was now something completely different…


But there was no point in dwelling on it now.

I was able to move my body, so I thank Cain and pulled myself up.

As I moved, the strange sensations began to fade away, as did the unease inside of my heart. I sighed with relief.

And right beside me now, was the old magician.

But his breathing had become very short; as if they would stop at any moment.


“…Just as you said, you were able to become a magician, eh? Hehe.”

He laughed through his hoarse voice. I nodded.


“How do I use magic?”

The next thing I needed to do, was to keep my promise with him.


“You…said that you can make dirt dolls. Then…put your hands on the ground and imagine it. Gather together the power from the dirt…it is the same power that is within you…and shape it.”

He was no longer able to speak without pausing. His eyes seemed to no longer see.

…He must have used the last of his powers in making the contract.

I put my palms on the ground in order to do as he said, but then I remembered something.


“By the way, may I ask the name of the man who will be my master?”

It seemed unlikely that I would be able to call his soul if I didn’t know his name.

And so the old magician told me.



After that, he stopped blinking. A moment later, the ends of his body began to slowly crumble into sand.

…So magicians did turn into sand when they die.


“Miss Kiara, the magician…”

“Yes, I’ll hurry.”

I closed my eyes and searched for a power inside of the ground that was the same as the one I could feel within me.


“However, perhaps you do not have to fulfill your promise now?”

Cain seemed to be of the opinion that we should just leave the old magician here. That indeed was an option. But I did not want to do that.


“I want to keep my promise. After all, he had used the final moments of his life to help me.”

It was through that that I was now able to help Reggie and the others. I wanted to return the favor.

I concentrated. This was my first time doing this, and there was no one to lead me on any further.

I remember the words that he told me as I try and fail. But eventually, I manage to detect a warmth that is the same as the one I can feel inside of me.


Now to form this… Suddenly I had to wonder, ‘what shape should this dirt doll have?’

Usually, they would be giant golems inside of games.

But considering an old magician named Horace would live inside of it, that would be too big. But if I was to make it smaller, I could only think of something like legos.

I don’t know, I think maybe something that I could hold with my two hands would be the best.

And if we are to talk together, then he would need eyes and a mouth as well.

With all of that taken into consideration, the shape I settled on was an earthen figurine with an alien-like face. …Now that I think of it, Master Horace looked a little like an alien himself. This was quite perfect.

Oh, no. Perhaps that was too cruel and I should think of something else. As soon as I thought this, my concentration was severed.



When I opened my eyes, the earthen figurine was created.

It was just under thirty centimeters tall, which was a size that I could easily carry.


Not only that, but small grains of the red stone were now floating away from Old Horace, whose body was halfway turned to sand. The little red grains were being absorbed into the earthen figurine.

And in the next instant, it’s alien-like eyes glowed red.


“OOoo! So this is my new body!”

It was a voice that sounded like an echo from within an empty pot. Of course, it was the same voice as the old man next to me who was now completely turned into sand.


Uh…I was successful. But should I be happy about this?

I glanced over to Cain, but his expression was stiff. This was too strange, wasn’t it?

But Master Horace was now adeptly moving his arms and legs and seemed to be quite satisfied with the results.


The first thing that I thought after realizing that I had really succeeded, was that I should probably not show Master Horace…a mirror.

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Sorry about the long delay. Unfortunately, I’m not 100% sure I will be continuing this series for now. I haven’t decided to drop it outright, however, if anyone wants to translate it instead, especially if you can do timely releases, then you are more than welcome.


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  1. Please don’t do this right after I started reading this amazing novel 😢 I’m new here and got addicted really fast 😭,……. but I guess you’ve your life too…. So I’ll respect your decision ❤
    And thanks for your translations❤~
    Looking forward to you changing your mind and translating the next chapters~ 😉

  2. I really enjoy this series, and even if english is not my first language, your translation is really good and I can read it smoothly, so I hope you keep on translating this series..thank you so much for your hard work!

  3. If its really inconvenient for you to continue to translate this… I can only say, thank you for translating it and for sharing this novel with us though…. I don’t want it to be dropped again 😭

    So… That what Kiara been hugging on the cover in the novel updates, it’s Horace doll.

  4. if you have to i understand, but i really hope you don’t drop this. the story just reached a good point and it’d be a shame to not see where it goes from here. plus you translations are very clean and easy to understand. but, well if you don’t have the time then there’s nothing that can be done i guess.

  5. oh, what good final chapters, very good, I still do not overcome the almost great kiss that Reggie and Kiara give, the way I regiment I try to intervene so that it was not with Allan, the ingenious plan of Kiara to fight against the monsters , the betrayal of the magician and the attack on the magician.

    Kiara becoming magician, the death of the magician, his first earth doll, oh my God everything is so good, and now I am up to date with the translation and believe me I would have preferred never to reach you if I had known that this is the last chapter that You may translate.

    I really love your work, it’s easy to understand, you express your feelings very well, you’re very good or good, I do not know if you’re a girl or a boy xD, I’m going to miss you.

    Is there no way I can beg you to stay even with a single monthly cap? I do not mind waiting, I do it with the sleeves I like but please do not give up.

    I understand that you have life outside of this, I also, but Jesus, I’m really going to miss you. You are exceptional, incredible, a wonderful person, I love you, I really love you, I do not know you about anything but I like you.

    I’m glad to have known your site and maybe if you continue with this novel see me or maybe in another novel. I am a fan of reading.

    Please take care of your health, I always tell you but take good care of your health, because you already know the sick translators do not translate. Thank you for allowing me to continue with the translation of this novel, there are people who do not like to translate their work, and that you have not put on me just proves the great person you are.

    I’m really going to miss you and I love you, really that’s the way it is. Kisses.
    Thank you very much for taking the novel and translating these chapters. You have done an excellent job.
    I hope we can continue reading at some time.

    • It’s a good novel and I don’t want to see it die. I could see myself doing 1 chapter a month if no one else will. But I would really like to see someone else pick it up and provide regular chapters. But for now, thank you for your support and kind words.

  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to translate these chapters so smoothly, I really appreciate being able to read clearly than death by frying my brain by reading MTL @[email protected] Again, I hope you have happy holidays, and may life be kind to you!

    P.s. Would donating help with chapter releases?

    • Thank you. Anything to show that there was more interest would have helped, yes. Its a nice serious and is well written. But it was also the hardest and most time-consuming of all the series I translate here. But it gets very little views, and one time I spent so much time on a chapter that I felt was really good, and it got maybe 1 comment. Right now, I am considering waiting until January to see if anyone else is interested in picking it up. If not, I will probably continue, but split every chapter up.

      • I see, I can certainly understand how difficult it must have been to translate this. Do you have a patreon or something for additional support?

      • I dont want to put chapters behind a paywall, but I guess that doesnt leave much of an incentive for readers to donate. Honestly, just stuff like commenting, rating and turning off adblock would be very encouraging for me.

  7. awwwwww, I hope you won’t stop translate it but, ofc if you can’t than I won’t force you. Thank you for your hard work! I appreciate your effort very much ٩( ‘ω’ )و
    happy holiday and happy new year to you!

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