Jack of all Trades – 103





I follow the arm and see a boy who is looking at me. He looked like the most typical sort of newcomer.


“Hey, you! How dare you try and steal my quest!”

“Uh, no. That would be you. There wasn’t even anyone here when I arrived.”

“Shut up! Get out of my way!”


It seemed that I had no luck with children. Well, as irritating as this was, I was an adult. I suppose I could allow the new kid his first quest…


“Ah, very well. Good luck out there.”

“Sure, you cowardly old man.”


My ears twitched.


“…Hey, what did you call me?”

“I said you were a cowardly old man.”


I could feel my temples convulsing.


“Now look here, I won’t let anyone call me an old man!”

“Shut up, geezer! I’m not going to talk to some beggar who can’t even afford armor!”

“You f*cking little shit! You’re dead!”


I had no money, but I did have armor! My fists were clenched as I was overcome with the urge to put him in his place with a good punch. But then another figure interrupted us.


“Hey, you two. No fighting inside of the guild.”


“You really want to do this, don’t you?”


I probably looked like the hated bastard Adventurer now, but I had my pride. I was a young man who had yet to reach thirty. Clearly, not an old man. And I had to make this kid understand that. But this huge guy who came in… I take a better look at his face. …Was I remembering things wrong? I knew that face.



“Are you, Gardo?”



That stern face. That huge frame. There was no mistake, he was the Adventurer I had known back in Fhiraldo.


“It’s been a while!”

“Yes, but what are you doing here, Gardo?”

“Well, why wouldn’t I be? Every Adventurer wants to come to Adventure City!”

“I wouldn’t know. But you look great. What happened to Ness?”

“Ah, he’s having his breakfast in the dining hall over there. But that reminds me, where’s Daniela?”

“She’s sleeping at our inn. She’s the worst in the morn-!?”


As I was talking, something kicked me in the back of my leg. Who the hell would do such a thing, I think with hatred as I glare at the likely culprit.


“You two! How dare you ignore me!”

“This kid…”


He had his hands on his hips and stood proudly as I glared.


“You seem to have your hands full, Asagi. But that’s nothing new for you, is it?”

“You make me sound like the hero of some story…damn, that hurt…”

“Do not ignore me!”


What was it with kids these days…they were the easily pissed off generation… I was just starting to feel a sense of fear as I looked at the little shit, who was nothing more than the most incomprehensible of creatures, when a guild worker approached us to see what was happening. It was really too late.


“What is the matter?”

“This kid is kicking me. He even tried to steal my notice from the quest board. Then he went berserk.”



The guild worker looked at the kid who stood behind us and let out a deep sigh.


“It is you again…”

“Shut up! How dare you look at me like that. You’re nothing but a guild worker!”


An Adventurer who defied guild workers. What was going on here? What was wrong with children these days?


“To the contrary, the guild master has told us all to treat his son exactly as we would any other Adventurer.”

“What!? Are you suggesting that I am equal to those mediocre Adventurers over there!?”


He thrust a finger at us to make his meaning unmistakable. Mediocre…I, wait…? I just heard something important.


“Son? The guild master’s son?”

“Yes. This is Cline Mavis’ son, Penrose Mavis.”



The son folded his arms and grunted with a look of self-importance.


“He is also Rank G.”

“That’s not necessary!”


So the guild master’s son was an impressive little…rock.

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    • Too bad she’s taken someone already. For being 300 years old, one would think a special someone would’ve come into her life by then.

  1. sigh another self-entitled little shit who thinks he is a big shot just because his “Dada” is strong. I can’t wait for this world to give him a reality check.
    Though considering how pathetic he is, I don’t think he will survive the slap from reality. and considering his father told the guild workers to treat him like any other adventurer. I think that he is well aware of his son’s arrogance and doesn’t plan to cover for him when shit hits the fan.

  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    That little brat needs someone to smack him around for a bit. And since he can become an adventurer, he is old enough in that society to be responsible for himself, and needs to learn that actions have consequences.

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