Jack of all Trades – 107


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“Ah, I have not introduced myself yet. I am Cline Mavis. The guild master. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

“I am Silvergreen, Asagi Kamiyashiro.”

“Lightwind, Daniela Villesilf.”

“Please sit down. There is a lot that I want to ask.”


We started by telling him of the day’s events. Of course, that meant the incident at the quest board. Penrose’s shoulders slumped as he sat in self-reflection and so I tousled his hair. After that, I told him about how we had revealed that we were Silvergreen and Lightwind in order to humble him, and then we decided to hunt goblins together.


“…and so we started to teach him how to use Presence Detection. Penrose, see if it appears in your status.”

“Ah, yes. Status Open. …Ah! It is there! Presence Detection!”

“All of this in just one day…I cannot thank you enough.”

“Ah, it was just done along the way.”


A guild worker came in and served us some fruit water. I glanced over at Daniela, who was eating a snack for some reason. Wait, there were four wrappers. Was that supposed to be for all of us?


“I and everyone else knows that I am a doting parent…but I have spoiled him for too long as well.”

“You have. Well, for now, he is sorry and wants to learn to grow. I believe that he will move forward in the right direction from now on. That’s what he told me, you know? He will be the best guild master in the empire, just like his father.”

“Ahahaha… Indeed, Replant’s Adventurers Guild is one of the most highly esteemed in the empire. It is a good thing to aspire to.”

“Is that why it is the Grand Guild?”

“Yes. It is the guild that brings all of the other branches together. Though, our actual headquarters is in a different place.”


I see. I didn’t know that. So this slender man, huh? He must have something in him that is not visible to the eye. I wasn’t a warrior myself, so I had no institution for actually being able to tell if someone was good. So I could only judge by a person’s general physique. This guy was thin, that guy was muscular. And so I tried to stay cautious, regardless of how people looked.


“By the way, Master Cline…”

“Hm? What is it?”

“You said you were a doting parent. And it seems like you are very fond of telling your child stories. Stories of other Adventurers.”

“Ah, yes. The world is filled with all sorts of Adventurers. My son was very happy when I told him of you two.”


Yes, that’s just the problem.


“And how much did Bordow tell you?”

“About you? Well, you were gifted with an enchantment from an abnormally evolved creature…and…oh…”

“Yes. It would be very inconvenient for me if word of that spread.”


I could not help being worried about this point. Such stories might make children happy, but this one could have consequences.


“After all, it could result in us being pursued…”

“I-I-I am sorry! It was just…I had never heard of such a thing before, and…!”

“No, no. It is mostly Bordow’s fault. That man is the root of this problem.”

“Yes, he is a little… However, the league of guild masters are all in agreement that he’s ‘Amazing! A fine Adventurer!’ I do not think that you have to worry too much. Though, perhaps you have little reason to believe me now…”


League of guild masters… And this was the Grand Guild that connected everything. And he said something about a separate headquarters. Still, were there any leaders that were more proper for the…


“I am treating it as a unique skill and I can make any number of explanations for it. Perhaps it is just that I am being paranoid. Please don’t worry too much about it. It is entirely Bordow’s doing.”

“Thank you… Uh, but, do you really hate Bordow that much?”

“I hate him just the right amount!”


That man has done too much already. You could even say that my life as an Adventurer has gone wrong because of him. I would have my revenge one day. I said as much to Cline before we finished our talk and disbanded. Daniela was half asleep, but jumped at the words, ‘we should be going.’ She was like a child who hated being in class. Penrose was sleeping as well, he must have been very tired. Listening to adults talk was boring.


“Perhaps you might help my son again some time?’

“Sure. It gave me a lot to think about and was stimulating.”

“I am glad to hear that. But please do avoid any dangerous places? And come home early, as he must be back by six. I would not want him to to be back so late like today. I must tell this to Penrose as well. But that goes for you too, Asagi. It is not good to be out there so late. The night is filled with danger, and it would be best to return to your inn. Also…”

“Alright, let’s go, Daniela.”


“Hey, wait! I am not finished ta-”


I closed the door and the conversation was ended. Seriously, that man should put his energy into something more useful.

As we walked down the hallway, I told Daniela about Gardo and Ness. She had remembered them too and looked pleased to be able to see them again. Well, maybe she was pleased because I mentioned the Anthill restaurant. You never knew with her…

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  1. “Well, maybe she was pleased because I mentioned the Anthill restaurant. You never knew with her…”
    You know her well now asagi

  2. Please no more of that the child entourage. It’s making me sick. With nobles stuff and this? Authority, knowledge, power. That’s some bs. Meh! :V
    Sorry for the rant and thank you for all of the hard work and for all of the chapters that I’ve read ! 🙂

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