Jack of all Trades – 111


“I do have one question.”


“Do my spells, Ice Sword, Ice Arrow, Upside-down Icicle and Ice Bind have official names?”

“Indeed, they do. But, Asagi, you clearly have no talent for naming things.”



What’s wrong with keeping it simple!


“Frost Sword, Icicle Inverse and Frostheim.”

“What’s the difference between ice and frost?”

“Mastering levels. Frost is harder to learn. And there is a ‘Winter’ level above frost. That is the most advanced level.”

“And uh, icicle?”

“Yes, that complicates things. Aside from general names, there are original names that someone, somewhere have coined. There used to be many of these until the schools of magic were established and the names unified.”

“I see… So basically, none of that even matters.”

“You could say that. It is much more important to imagine it correctly.”

“And none of my spells were original. I’m quite sad about that.”


Sad, but at least I learned that my naming scheme was perfectly fine. I was relieved. I guess? But perhaps I would use official names if I ever had to say them out loud. That would make things easier for everyone!


“Ah, we have gone off course. This is all because of your naming sensibilities, Asagi.”

“I guess, but so what? And do you have to diss me like that?”

“I think you understand the principles. Now, let’s move on to the use of magic.”



Daniela forced a cough and stuck up two fingers.


“There are two types of magic.”


“Or it might be more accurate to say that there are two ways of using magic. Magic occurs when power flows into mana and the image in your brain creates a phenomenon. The amount of magic also comes into play, but we will talk about that later. Magic can be activated by using your own power and mana alone, or you can use a medium of some kind.”

“A medium?”

“Yes. Like using a nearby flame for fire magic.”


So you can create a fireball from nothing, or use the fire from a torch or bonfire.


“So, what is my ice magic being made from?”

“Either the moisture in the air or you are creating it out of mana. I believe you are using them separately without really thinking about it.”

“Hmm… I wonder which I was doing for the ice magic in the bar yesterday?”

“You used magic in the bar?”


Daniela hadn’t seen it, because she was too busy talking to invisible people outside. And so I told her.


“Hmm…it must have been mana then.”

“How do you know?”

“Did you not say that the ice cracked and disappeared? That was because the mana was returned to the air. If you had used moisture, it would have remained ice, even after the mana left it.”

“Oh, right.”


So, ice magic was magic that ‘robbed heat’ as a method for freezing. Taking away heat made it sound like the fire attribute, but I suppose it was just a matter of how you framed it in your mind.

You used mana and magic power to rob something of heat. And once you did this, only frozen moisture remained.

If you just converted mana into ice, then the ice would crumble and return to normal mana once the flow of magic stopped… I wrote all of this down and nodded.


“Magic is hard.”

“No, it is easy. You can do most things if you can just imagine it.”

“You’re exaggerating.”

“Well, the amount of magic also limits you. You may be able to imagine that the world has become encrusted in ice, but that will never happen if you do not have the magic to do it.”

“How extreme.”

“But easy to grasp, no?”

“I guess.”


This world allowed you to do a lot more than I had thought. If you could imagine it, anyway. As we came from worlds with fantasy works, films and games, Matsumoto and I have a headstart in a way. Many of the residents of this world saw the different phenomenon as mysteries. They did not know what the speed of light was, for instance.

Daniela had a weapon known as knowledge, which she acquired through many years of living. I could only see it as a gift, that she was able to reach something close to modern people in just three hundred years…


“Phew… I am tired. I think it is time to go eat.”

“We just ate a moment ago…”


But Master Daniela declared that it was time for a food break, and so we went out into the city streets. Then we found a nice park to walk in as we snacked on some of Veiken’s meat skewers. This was the park that Daniela waited in last night. And so we ate here and the lesson continued.

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  1. I don’t get these naming sometimes but I really like “Frostheim.” I would think of ice age or ice maiden or polar vortex or something to imprison and encrust them in ice completely except their neck and head or something.

  2. i noticed something Daniela only named three of the four spells akagi listed
    ice sword is Frost sword.
    Upside-Down Icicle is Icicle Inverse
    Ice Bind is Frostheim
    but what is Ice arrow called
    also what about the ice bullet

  3. Whoa! Master Daniela’s lesson is easy to learn! I just make a wind magic after gathering mana in my stomach. The wind is stinky tho. 😅

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