Jack of all Trades – 123


Virgil was pointing at a middle-aged man who carried a simple bow. The bow was in his left hand, and with his right hand, he would nock, pull and release. But there were four arrows in his right hand. Apparently, he was capable of shooting four arrows at once. And they all found their targets. It was an inhuman feat.

With one shot, he could kill four orcs. With someone like that, I could believe that an orc would die for every arrow.


“That’s almost horrifying…”

“Aye. It makes you wonder just how much time he spent honing his craft… Hmm?”


As we talked, I heard the sound of wood breaking. The orcs had destroyed one of the logs that I had carried.


“Alright. It is almost Daniela’s turn.”

“I’ll call her.”


I said as I jumped off of the wall. I activated Legs of the Forest Wolf right before landing, in order to soften the impact. Then I headed to where Daniela was. She was giving out orders to the users of earth magic, who had taken their positions. This was so they could strengthen the walls by regularly pouring magic into it. Daniela could also use earth magic and would find any vulnerable spots quickly. I asked her if they didn’t need her here, but she said it wasn’t a problem.


“They should be able to do it just fine if they can use earth magic. It is a basic thing.”


She said lightly. But it was likely wisdom of the old. While she may have been overselling how capable they were, it seemed like it would be fine to take her away for now. We wanted to use her as part of the plan for the front entrance.


“Daniela, it’s almost time.”

“Understood. Girls, I leave the rest to you!”

“Yes! Miss Daniela!”


Hmm, an almost cheerful reply. And yet, there appeared to be murderous glances towards me that told a different story. It was honestly frightening. Well, let sleeping dogs lie, as they say. I better get out of here. Daniela and I rushed to the entrance. When we reached the top of the wall, Virgil looked at us and nodded.


“There you are. We are counting on you, Daniela.”

“Aye, this is nothing.”


Daniela looked down at the orcs. I looked down too and saw that another log had been broken. They would be going over them and advancing soon. Of course, they would be advancing into an abyss.




There was an orc in leather armor who was barking out orders as he pointed his club towards the entrance. Then the orcs with the hammers pulled back as numerous orcs started to rush out from the forest. These were naked and wielded clubs.


“They are really coming now! Daniela!”

“Leave it to me!”


Daniela put both of her hands on the earthen wall, the magic ran through. The orcs who vaulted over the logs…did not land on the ground. Instead, they descended into a deep hole that appeared under them


I had thought of this myself. I call it the ‘Oh, you thought you were going to attack? Sorry, here’s an abyss!’ plan.


Daniela would create a deep hole with her earth magic and orcs would fall into it. As most of her effort had gone into depth, the hole itself was not very wide, but the moonlight was dark enough to hide it. This plan would have likely failed if all three moons had shone in the sky tonight.


“Asagi, it worked! We can do this. We can!”

“Didn’t I say so?”


I said smugly as Virgil became excited. Daniela had used a lot of magic and looked tired. But she quickly emptied a potion bottle that she pulled out. Oh? I didn’t think we had any more.


“Hmm? Ah, the girls shared there’s with me. They insisted on it when I told them of my part in the plan.”

“I see… They sure are nice to you.”

“To me, yes.”


Even Daniela had noticed that these magical girls had it out for me. I didn’t hate girl on girl developments, but these girls seemed violent. They would probably knife me one day.


As we stood there, more and more orcs disappeared into the dark hole. As they had to vault over the logs, the other orcs could not see what was happening. And so they did not realize that they were falling into a hole. Besides, there was not too much of a difference between a death cry and a battle cry.

In other words, until the hole was full or was exposed, it was an automatic orc disposer. Whoever thought of this was quite shrewd indeed. But who could it be? Genius, no?


We were in a good mood about this plan’s success, and so we called other Adventurers to watch over the hole as we moved away. This was we could check the other places and give out orders. Virgil went to the main tent. Daniela returned to the magicians. I went to the raid unit. From here, we would move outside of the wall and attack the enemy. With the automatic disposer at the entrance and the rain of arrows, our swords were the perfect thing to speed this process up. The only problem was how these orcs, who were controlled by an abnormally evolved being, would move. And how much they would move. It was going well now, but things were only getting started.

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Translator: Thanks for reading. I’m sorry that releases have been slow recently. I’m going to try and go back to regular releases soon, so please look forward to that.

Also, amusingly, Author-san noticed us.

“It’s been translated into English with comments on every chapter. There are more comments there than on Narou(official website) lol”


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    • Actually tensura author one of the first to author know and give an “ok” for translators to translate the wn

  1. Thanks for the chapter, well you are translating more series now so of course you migth take more time translating this, hahaha I hope the author takes it in a good way, thanks author-san for delivering such an enteretaining work.

  2. Once again Asagi praises himself before the battle ends. I’m half-hoping he ends up being punished a bit for it with an Orc surprise attack from below or behind, thanks to mole diggers. Of course, I expect the group to pull through, but making him regret thinking that just a deep hole would end all the Orcs was the best plan ever would be nice.

    It’d be even funnier if the Orcs ended up landing into a tunnel of theirs that would have led to a surprise attack from behind or below anyway. Sure, the first few falling in would have probably died from the height, but the rest of them would have their dead brethren to cushion the fall, and join the underground surprise assault.

  3. Hi @kamifuuuuusen! I may not comment usually but I am certainly grateful for your story. Thank you!

    And of course thank you for the translations that allows me to enjoy great stories that I would normally not be able to.

    • Well from what I understood is that Daniela was creating the holes on spot to not make it obvious. Therefore creating spikes is like a step higher for her power.

  4. Well japanese vs. English speakers.. obviously there are more english speakers around the world who cant understand nihongo~ banzai !! ♡

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