Jack of all Trades – 133


“Oh, so is completely gone.”

“I doubt she’ll get up until the morning… Ah, well. I think we’ll be leaving a little early then.”

“Ohhh, you are going then, Asagi?”

“You should go too, Lauria.”


She was completely wasted! Yes, there was something cute about how red she looked as she clutched at my clothing, but I was starting to feel really sorry for her.


“Virgil is over there and surrounded by the men, so we may as well leave him. Let us take our leave, girls.”

“Ignore Lauria.”

“Leave Lauria.”

“I’m going with Asagi.”

“No, we are taking you with us!”


It seemed like the whole valley team was staying at the same inn, and so they all left together. I carried Daniela outside. It was time to say good night.


“Well, our inn is in that direction.”


I said and waved at each of them while saying goodbye.


“Do be careful. And it was such a pleasure to fight alongside you!”

“I enjoyed it as well! Maybe we will go on a quest together again!”

“Good night, Asagi.”

“See you later, Asagi.”


I waved and left the scene behind me. The sun had set completely, and it was now dark. There were stars in the sky, but the numerous bonfires made it hard to see them clearly. This night in Replant would be full of life and clamor for quite a while still. Daniela mumbled something in her sleep as I carried her on my back, but I couldn’t hear it through all the noise. However, I did hear my own name.


  □   □   □   □


The month passed by quickly after that night. I helped with Penrose’s Adventurer training and hunted blood apes with Daniela, Gardo and Ness.

If I remember correctly, we had gotten very drunk one boring afternoon and had somehow decided to go and party in the forest, which led to the battle.

I also had to listen to Cline talk about his parenting woes, have dinner with the valley team, and be chased around by Daniela’s old entourage.


“Asagi… How long are you going to sit there? We must get ready.”

“Hmm…ahh, I’ll be right there.”


We would be leaving this pleasant city soon. In fact, we were going out to restock on our supplies today. To be honest, it was so comfortable here, that I didn’t want to leave. However, we were traveling Adventurers. I don’t know if I would say we were rootless trees, but I didn’t see us staying anywhere permanently.

And while it was difficult, there was still that excitement of going to a place that was unknown.

A new town. New people. There was so much of the world I still wanted to see; to see with Daniela.

And so I stood up, heavy-hearted as I was, and followed after her. There were things we had to get for the road ahead.

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