Jack of all Trades – 145


“No, no, no. We would not be setting a good example if we did that. And it was you people who slew the wyvern. We cannot accept. It has already been decided, and I would be very troubled if you did not accept it.”

“Uh, but…”


I felt a little awkward as Regar laughed, his eyebrows slanted in a somewhat distressed expression. Just then, a voice rang from behind me.


“Please take it, Asagi.”



He sat down next to me on the other side.


“I think I know a thing or two about you now. You’re thinking that the materials should also go towards restoring the village, aren’t you?”

“…You’re damn right.”

“Haha. I knew it!’


Yis laughed as he pointed at his left eye. I suppose he was saying that nothing escaped him…


“This is a small village. It is because it is small that we can work together in unity. In a way, it is the strength of Dana village. We can survive even after a wyvern has eaten some of our animals.”

“That’s…good, but…”

“Yes, is this not a great place?”


Yis looked at the village under the sunset sky. It was isolated. The sound of the wind pushing the creaking blades of the windmills was very comforting. The villagers were all smiles as they folded the hide and wings of the wyvern and stuffed them into a bag.

A small boy was proudly showing his mother a fang that he had managed to release. Of course, she snatched it away. This is for the Adventurers! She said angrily. The boy looked sad, but nodded as she placed it back into his hand and sent him running towards us.


“Here. You can have it.”

“Uh, thanks. As a reward, I’m giving it to you.”


And I put the fang back into his his palm and closed his fingers around it. He tilted his head to the side. ‘Do you mean it?’ he asked. Of course. I said with a nod. Then my eyes met his mother’s. I felt a little uncomfortable, but she looked happy as she laughed happily and bowed. I smiled back.


“Thank you, mister!”

“Yeah. Later then.”


The boy waved his hand and then ran off. I waved back. He looked happy from the bottom of his heart as he ran to his mother to tell her about what had happened.


“This really is a nice village.”

“Aye. I am very fond of this place.”

“Yes, I’m proud to live here.”


Regar was now sitting next to Yis and they were laughing.


“…I think I will accept the reward. Gladly.”

“Aye, take it. I don’t know how it compares to your level or equipment, but you can always sell it.”

“Yes, yes. You can never have too much money. If it helps you at all on your travels, we will be very happy!”


It was very decent of them. I bowed and said thank you.


I watched the almost nostalgic scene of the sun setting, and thought again about everything that had happened since coming to this world. Always. I was always helped by someone. No matter where I went or who I met. I felt that it showed just how good people were at heart in this world. Of course, there were some who were not like that as well. But it was things that were beautiful and shined that seemed to cover everything else and grab me like nothing else could.


There was one thing that I had been thinking about for a while. The reason that I had been brought here. That voice that had rung in my brain after I had been stabbed and was about to take my last breath. I was starting to believe that it was God. The last wish of a man who had been tired with life had been heard.


I had wanted to live a better life. There was so much I should have done.


It was a vague wish, but now I see that it really had come true. There was Daniela next to me, and so many great people. And I was grateful to be alive now.

I watched the last glimpse of the sun disappear into the horizon. Now, I truly felt that I was living the life that I had longed for back then on that day.

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    • Thats rigth, look at poor Torrance Baker, the guy was running out of ideas on how to give money away or risking hording the kingdom gold by himself….it so hard to be rich sometimes!!!!!!

  1. The only sad thing of all this, is that the lifespan of Daniela and Asagi are completely different and Asagi will go out first.

    Kind off remind me of Mushoku Tensei. Don’t want to spoil but the lifespan of some character were completely different from the MC.

    • We dont really know that yet. He has just as much protag armor as the next mc so there’s a good chance his lifespan will extend.

  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Many modern people would have sued Asagi for damages instead of acting like that farmer. It doesn’t matter that he saved them from losing more and probably saved their lives, he damaged their property in the fight.

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