Jack of all Trades – 153


That’s because you got in my way with your spears. Just be grateful I didn’t shoot you in the face.


In any case, this watchtower was now out of commission. No orders would come in or out. Now, I just needed to go to the guard house…huh!?


“Damn it!!”


I frantically ran away from the veranda and to the other side of the room, where I fell to the ground. Immediately after, there was the sound of an explosion as a hurricane of wind came and blew the roof right off of the tower.


What I saw was a massive ball of fire that shot straight towards me from the guard house. That was clearly Eve… So she knew I was here?

Rubble from the part of the tower that had broken was pressing down on my back. I would get bruises from this…but at least I didn’t break anything.


“Hey, you…”


I looked up to see what had become of the bandits. All four of them were dead. Either burned by the flames or crushed by the bricks… I didn’t think it was because I had wounded them. It just happened this way. I folded my hands together, though I was sure it would mean no comfort to them.


“I feel sick…”


She’d kill her own men in the process…it was horrible. And she was an elf like Daniela. Though, Daniela was about a hundred times more kind.


“And it came from the guard house…so it won’t be easy to go there.”


We would try to kill each other for real this time. I was clearly at a disadvantage in terms of magic, but I was confident that I could kill her if I could take her by surprise. But, was it alright to kill her? Daniela had tried without a moment’s hesitation…

But Daniela was in danger even as I stood here and considered the question. I needed to go with the resolve to kill her, or I could risk losing what is actually important to me. I would not be able to remain sane if that happened. I would probably go berserk until I died in this world. No, I knew that I would.


“She tried to kill us… No one can complain if I kill her.”


A chill ran up my back. If I looked in the mirror now, I would likely see the eyes of a murderer.


Kill before they kill you. Take their lives before they take yours.


I could feel my heart growing colder already.

However, falling into this state would help me save Daniela. And I wanted nothing more than to help her now. That warm sentiment entered my heart as well, and my heart was big enough to house both emotions.


I didn’t want to kill. But I didn’t want Daniela to die. And so I would kill first and save her.


The two emotions led me to a single answer.


“Even if I have to kill, I will protect her…!”


I was small, and it was a small resolution. However, it now spread throughout me. Then strangely, a strength seemed to well up in my battered body. I got up and moved to the only spot that would allow me to go outside. There was no hesitation. I felt that if it happened again, I would be able to kick that fireball right back at her.


I took out the Schwarz Tempest from the hollow back and pulled my hood down over my face. My body was ruled by an almost frightening level of concentration. I bet I could make that invisible sword now.

My clothes flapped in the green and silver wind that blew out of me, but I didn’t care.

If anything, the wind felt very comfortable. I felt that I could fly through the air.


Now, it was time for some revenge. I would defeat Eve and get Daniela back!

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  1. Asagi is like, “Tonight’s the night. And it’s going to happen again, and again. T’has to happen”, in the last part

  2. Finally, that’s it Asagi, grow some balls, you put yourself in this predicament, get yourself out of it.

  3. Oh lol. I caught up.
    When you have someone clearly trying to kill your beloved but still clinging to the ‘don’t kill’ notion is retarded.
    He did notice that kill or be killed or else you may loose your only treasure(love one). Which is good cause I don’t want naivity when it comes to a fight with death and danger of your love’s life.

  4. Damn this chap was hard ro read without getting angry. Just how much of a pussy that MC can be? Just f..ckin kill! How much of this shitty inner struhle he gonna have? It was hid own stupidety that endangere his teammate and even then he is stil bahaving like a pussy. Stupid. I feel stupid anf angry.

  5. This story is nicely and carefully written if i say so myself.. I dunno why some people are going berserk in the comments LOL.
    Kill or be killed. He needed a trigger to actually realize that. And that’s what the author was working on..
    Author-san was trying to incorporate the rules of the new world to our MC steadily, instead of instantly being able to adapt to foreign standards..
    although to some readers they seem impatient coz of the redundance, and maybe the slowness of it. Author-san may need to work of that too.. that’s just in my opinion..

  6. Bland. This is what you got? Author, you went too much with the naivety of Dunceagi that he now sounds like a hypocrite now. You delivered waaay better when he got his first kill. Now he’s just like unemotionally reading a script. Too bland and lacking emotions. Too many dialogues in fact. Wft. That’s not how a distressed person should sound like. Unable to think my ass, yet spweing paragraphs of speech. And his character did not develop at all! He’s supposed to be distressed here, damnit! Worried for Daniela! Yet he’s feeling like he’s reading a grocery list or something out loud for goodness sak!!

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