Jack of all Trades – 161


“How dare you…! …gg!?”


I dodged the biggest one as he shouted and swung at me. Daniela was both faster and more intimidating. I dropped to the floor and kicked his legs out from under him, causing him to rotate fully before crashing down to the floor. Then I grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face up before slamming it down again. A stream of blood flowed from his nostrils.


“Get it? That’s what happens when you cut the line.”



There was still a strong sense of resistance there, so I slammed his face into the ground once again.


“Still having trouble?”



His eyes were wet, and yet he could not seem more alive as he glared at me. I wondered if I should make him taste the floor again, but then my time was up. A pair of legs stopped right in front of me. I let go of the man’s hair and stood up.


“Uh, forgive me for disturbing you while you are so preoccupied. But do you have some time to spare?”

“Uh, sure.”


I thin man stood there. He was just standing there with his perfect posture, and yet there was something very guarded about him. Even his smile seemed misleading as he guided me passed the counter and opened a door marked, ‘Reception Room.’ …It brought back horrible memories of Fiona. 


“Is there something wrong?”

“Uh, no.”


I gave him my own ‘customer service smile’ and entered the room. I glanced back just before entering and saw the three men being dragged away by their feet by some guild workers. That alone gave me an idea of the situation. But that was all I saw, as the man quickly closed the door behind us.


“Ah. I must say, those men have caused us so much trouble up until now!”


“They seemed to do little but pick fights with every newcomer to the guild. At times, they would even force people to give them money!”


“But we try to avoid getting involved in personal quarrels… And they are rather strong.”


“Still, they do have a knack for getting under people’s skin, do they not? It is really quite genius, even. Genius!”

“Uh, right… Who are you?”


As soon as we sat down on the couch, the man burst into a fit of complaints, as if he had been waiting for this moment for years. But I hadn’t got his name yet.


“Ah, ah, forgive me. I am Rio Grande. The Guild Master of the Flugelnian Empire’s Usk Guild.”

“Guild Master… I…”

“You are Asagi, are you not? Asagi Kamiyashiro. The sharp and swift swordsman known as Silvergreen! Ah, you would not have known this, but I am a great admirer of yours. Yes, we shall be the best of friends from now on.”


I guess there was no need for introductions on my end. I felt a chill when he suddenly grabbed my hand and shook it excitedly, but at least he didn’t seem to be the bad sort.


“Are they well known then? Um…for better or worse.”

“Oh, yes. Very. No one has ever been a bigger nuisance… You don’t know how good it felt to see you give them a good beating!”

“Thanks. …Uh, is there a penalty for starting fights within the guild?”


When all was said in done, I had done the worst of it. I was quite pissed off in the moment, and a part of me wondered if I had gone too far.


“Ah, think nothing of that. There is indeed a penalty, but that shall be withdrawn from their accounts, and not yours.”

“Should you be doing that? You are the Guild Master…”

“It is fine. If anything it is the one thing I can do as Guild Master. And so I must do it!”


I wasn’t sure if he was taking his job seriously enough. Well, if this meant that I was getting out of this unscathed, then I had no complaints. I had only come here to collect some money. If the guild could clean up the mess that this misfortune caused, then I was all for it.


“Well, that is all I wanted to say. Thank you for your time.”

“No, thank you. And sorry about all of this.”

“Think nothing of it!”


Rio stood up and opened the door for me. All eyes moved towards us. However, it only lasted for a second, and they all dispersed and the room was full of mutterings.


“Hehe. You are quite famous.”

“I prefer to live quietly. I have no use for fame.”

“Ah, so modest. But it is too late for that, Mister Asagi!”


Rio said, much to my annoyance. Then he disappeared in some backroom behind the counter.


Uhh…damn it. Replant had been so peaceful in comparison. I felt quite tired as I rejoined the line. This time, there was no one who tried to cut in.

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  1. Is it due to his lack of killing intent that he can’t intimidate people like Daniela? lol

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter!

    • logically speaking, somebody who’s lived a large portion of their life shunning others is going to have a much more natural “not-to-be-messed-with” vibe than somebody who works in the service industry and is paid to smile at the shadiest of types for a living everyday.

      its not like a switch you can turn on or off either. my ex told me its like an “aura” that surrounds me unconsciously. so when i actually AM pissed or AM losing patience with somebody, she said she could literally taste the difference in the air. likewise ive known people who, just being around them made people feel calm or relaxed, let alone listening to them speak or laugh lightly.

      i dont know if there’s any science behind it but i do know it’s a sort of persistent personality trait.. almost like a passive ability (lol)

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