Jack of all Trades – 162

Exploring the Guild, Exploring the Town


Finally. It was finally my turn.


“Thank you for waiting, Mister Asagi.”

“No problem.”

“Now, if you would just show me the materials.”

“Of course.”


I took off the hollow bag and thrust an arm into it before realising that there was a problem.



“…? Mister Asagi?”

“The thing is a little large…I don’t know if there is enough space here…”


Indeed, if I took out a whole wind dragon here, it might destroy the building. I’d become a terrorist.


“In that case, you can have it inspected in the heavy disassembling area in the back.”

“Thank you.”


I nodded and the guild worker proceeded to guide me to it. A different guild worker took over the counter in the meantime.


I followed the guild worker until we reached a back door that led outside. It was a large area surrounded by high walls, but as this was outside, there was no ceiling. It would be pretty difficult for intruders to scale those walls. In any case, this was more than enough space for me.


“When you’re ready.”



I took a step forward and grabbed the wind dragon’s tail from the bag. And just like that, I pulled the entire thing out. A shriek of terror rang behind me from the guild worker. A headless wind dragon now lay at our feet. And so I thrust my hand in the bag again and felt for the horns. Then, with another pull, an incredibly fresh dragon head popped out of the bag.



“Well, there it is. The big guy.”

“Oh… it is a wind dragon…!!”

“Yeah. Freshly killed wind dragon.”


The shocked guild worker told me to stay where I was before running back into the building. And so I waited there quietly as if I were the most loyal dog in the world. After a few minutes, Rio and several others stormed outside.


“Ah, Asagi, you. I see you’re still busy trying to gain even more popularity.”

“Uh, I thought I told you that that’s not the case?”

“And yet you prepared such a thing. Now what excuse could you have for that?”


I just wanted it cut up and convert some of it into gold. Damn it, Rio…stop smiling.


“If you could just take it apart for me. I want to keep the parts that can be made into armor, and the rest I will sell.”

“Yes-yes, very good. We will dismember it and make a list of all the parts for you. Please come to the guild tomorrow to see it.”

“Alright. Thank you.”


The others who had come with Rio now went to the wall and picked up tools that included great saws and knives. It seemed that they hadn’t had much opportunity to see a dragon like this before, and their eyes shone with eagerness. It was kind of scary to watch.


  □   □   □   □


After that, I returned to the counter to turn in the smaller monster materials we had collected. In the end, I left the place with three pieces of gold and eighty pieces of silver.


“Well then, Mister Asagi. I trust we’ll be seeing you here tomorrow, so we inspect the wind dragon materials. Please do not forget.”

“Yes, I know. Sorry for surprising you back there.”

“Oh, it’s…nothing at all…”


It seemed to have caused a bit of a panic, and so I apologized. She turned red and looked at the floor. I knew what that meant. She liked me.


I was finished here, and so I said goodbye and decided to explore the rest of the guild. A glance towards the bar showed the typical assortment of rough gentlemen drinking alcohol. I didn’t feel like getting involved with anyone at this time though, and so I turned away.


After wandering about a little more, my feet took me to the stairs. There was a sign right next to it that read, ‘Resource Room ahead.’


“Resources…eh? Information about monsters, maybe?”


It seemed like it was open to everyone, and so I decided to take a look.

So I climbed the stairs to the second floor, where I was met with another sign pointing me in the right direction. At the end of that, I found a door with the words ‘Resource Room’ written on it.


“Excuse me…”


I knocked before entering a room overflowing with…well, not quite, but still, there was quite a collection of books. There were a few other Adventurers here who were turning the pages of the books they were reading. Hmm, so you were free to look around after all. And so I moved over to a shelf in the corner and looked at the covers.


“‘On Becoming an Adventurer of the Empire.’ …That’s of no use to me.”


Next to it was a book titled, ‘A Guide to Joining the Imperial Army.’ Was it a popular occupation then? …I think I’d rather be an Adventurer than participate in parades.

This shelf was not looking very promising, and so I decided to move on. I would check out the area where an Adventurer had been a moment ago. There should be something related to Adventuring.


And so I scanned the books that he had been browsing…


“‘I was Reincarnated into a Pot, and so I will build a Country with an Exciting Harem!’…?”


What the…is this a light novel? A pot? What a bummer.


“‘I thought I had Reincarnated into Another World, but it was just the Countryside, so I walked home.’ …So he just got lost then.”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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    • Might be a parody of the refrigerator one.
      Unsure about the second though. Is that a parody or did the author actually make up such an odd title?

  1. I’d read both of those titles. Especially that pot one. I’ve already heard about isekais where the MC reincarnates as a sword, a refrigerator or a vending machine so I know a pot would be doable.

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