Jack of all Trades – 43

Like Something Hard to Describe

Well then. I was currently in a bit of a mess with a rough looking old man. Things were going so well on my way to the clothing store up until I turned the corner. As a newly arrived visitor to this city, it was only natural for me to walk around with my nose inside of the guidebook. I did occasionally look up to make sure I was headed in the right direction, but I was clearly not paying enough attention where it mattered. You reap what you sow.


“…and that is what happened. I am terribly sorry.”

“Ah, so it is your first time in this city! You should have told me sooner! You!”


He laughed boisterously and began to repeatedly slap me on the shoulder. I felt like I was being hammered into the ground every time his hands came down. I do a quick bow.

Then the rough looking man asked me where I was headed, so I told him the name of the store. Then he said he would take me there. What a surprise, he was actually a perfectly decent person. I thought we would move according to that old template of how these things always go. But that was a big mistake. This world wasn’t going to be like that.


“Oh, the name’s Pinzoro. I’m an adventurer in this here city. I’d say you and that lady over there are adventurers too, by the looks of you? Perhaps we’ll be meeting again!”

“Thank you for helping us. I am Asagi. This is Daniela. I hope we will meet again.”

“Hey, hey, hey now. No need to act so stiff between us adventurers! It makes my skin crawl!”


He says as he exaggeratingly scratched his arms. I laughed. Perhaps he was right. After all, we were adventuring ruffians. Kids were scared of us.


“Alright. Thanks, Pinzoro.”

“Bah! See you later, Asagi, Daniela!”


Pinzoro waved a hand as he went back down the street. Ahhhh, for a second I wondered what was about to happen, but thankfully, it was nothing. But Pinzoro huh… I wonder if he gambles.

Now that he was gone, the street we were on was suddenly very quiet. I turn around and see Daniela, who was about as quiet as the front of the train station at midnight.


“Uh, Daniela.”

“Mm? What?”


I ask her something that I had been wondering about for a while. But I could never really find the right timing to ask her about it.


“You’re always so quiet whenever we talk with someone for the first time.”



I was finally able to ask. That in itself gave me a great sense of accomplishment.

But she really was quiet during these moments. As if she were erasing her presence. And now she had a troubled expression, like something was stuck in her throat.


“Oh…well, you see…”


“How can I put this….I…am not great with conversing.”

“But you talk just fine with me.”

“It, it is fine if there is a reason! A subject!”

“I, I see..”


She was waving her arms as if denying whatever I was thinking of. But I clearly was not mistaken. Master Daniela had a problem in terms of her communication abilities.


“Well, I was rarely around any specific people until I partnered with you. I could get by with the minimum amount of conversation… It, it takes me a while to grasp. How to interact with a person.”

Daniela occasionally glanced at me as she talked, not too unlike a child who had just been scolded. I see. I see. I had assumed that a long life meant a vast breadth of experiences, but I suppose what was more defining was how you lived that life. I feel a little wiser now. Asagi has gained a level.


“Oh, it’s no problem for me as long as we can talk together. Let’s go get some clothes then.”

“Ah, Asagi? I do intend on putting an effort into gaining some experience.”


She says with a tug on my sleeve. Yes, yes. I mumble back and we enter the store.

It was called ‘Goblin’s Boutique.’ Not the best name in my opinion. They do know that those guys just wear rags? But according to the guidebook, this was a reputable store. It might even be one of the best in terms of clothing for youngsters.


The interior was on the dark side. The entrance of the store was lined with gothic looking decorations as if to intimidate any customers. Once you passed that area, you immediately arrived at the clothes area. Hmm, not bad at all. Some of the clothes here could work even in modern Japan. However, only in select places around Harajuku.

All of the clothes here had a gothic if not punk flair as if they were the embodiment of that indescribable thing that the youth crave for.


It did not suit me at all. I wasn’t young, and I had a rather reserved personality…



Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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