Jack of all Trades – 43


“Daniela, this stuff isn’t really for me…Daniela?”

“Huh!? Ah, what is it, Asagi!”


Daniela frantically put the gothic lolita outfit back on the rack. It was a little crumpled now, thanks to her lack of care.


“Hoho. So this is what Master Daniela’s tastes look like…”

“Fool! As if I could wear such frilly and precious attire!”


Well, maybe don’t call it precious and keep stealing glances at it, if you want to sound convincing.


“You there. Could you please keep it down?”


We were being so loud that the clerk had to come out from the back and warn us with an annoyed sigh. But this person looked very punk rock! A girl with pink hair and a chain that ran from her ear to her nose. She was sort of my type. I wonder if that was her natural hair?


“I’m sorry. My friend just really liked these clothes.”


“Huhhh, that is your thing huh. Why not? I will give you a discount.”

“She’ll take it.”


“Thank you.”


Things went rather smoothly until we left the store and the red-faced Daniela began to wring my neck.


“Asagi…you…you impossible little…!!”




She slammed me into the ground. I was very thankful for the daily training that allowed me to fall safely. Otherwise, I would have probably been in bed for a day.


“Phewf… Don’t you think it would have been rude to cause such a scene and not buy anything? Nothing suited me in there, so we had to buy that.”

“Had to…?”

“Yes, had to. We had no choice but to buy it.”

“Had no choice, you say…”

“Exactly. So you might as well take it.”


Daniela’s face looked reluctant after hearing this, but she accepted the bag and clutched it to herself rather tightly. Then she glared at me.


“F-fine. I suppose I have no choice!”

“Yes, yes. Please take it. It will go to waste otherwise. It will be an even bigger waste if you don’t wear it, you know?”

“We-well…maybe one day.”


She mumbles as her reddened face turns away from me. Well, it was a sort of thank you for everything she did for me every day. But I didn’t need to tell her that. I think, as I stare at the slightly raised corner of her mouth.

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