Jack of all Trades – 162


Why were these kinds of books here… Did Rio like them?

In any case, I had no use for them either. What the hell was wrong with that Adventurer?


I left, looking a lot more tired than a moment ago. As I wandered around aimlessly, I caught sight of an Adventurer who was reading something intently. He paid me no mind, and so I stood next to him and checked the shelf he was closest to.


‘Monsters of the Empire.’

‘Killing the Demon Lord with the Strongest Cheat! -But I maxed out at level 10-’

‘Monster Distribution Map.’

‘Monster – Proof of the Hunt List.’


Now here was a selection of useful books. But hey, someone inserted a random light novel!


“Damn it…”


As I had nothing better to do, I returned the light novel to its rightful shelf and returned to the monster books. The Adventurer was gone now. In any case, I picked up Monsters of the Empire first. It had a list of all the surrounding town names in alphabetical order in the table of contents.




I found Replant. Hmmm, page 267…hehe. It had monsters both familiar and unfamiliar. It said that you should be especially wary of blood apes. Yes, yes. Those guys were horrible… I thought I was going to die.

There was also something about what I thought were forest goblins in Valdorf’s Berulu Forest, but they were actually known now as Berulu Goblins.

Apparently, there was some debate about this, as there were those who argued that they were nothing more than forest goblins who happened to like tree sap. The mayor’s daughter(aged 3) suggested that they be called syrup goblins, but this was promptly rejected.


“Who the hell cares…”


It was truly a universal thing to argue about pointless things.


I continued to look through the book and take in as much information as possible. Knowledge of the monsters we would encounter here was worth a lot. I had relied on Daniela most of the time up until now, but I needed to do my part where I could… It would be nice if I could get a map of the entire Empire as well, but they didn’t seem to have one here. I would have to gather more information… Well, maybe I could leave that bit to Daniela. She had lived so long that her head was full of such things. It wasn’t because I was lazy or anything.




My shoulders were starting to feel stiff. My neck hurt too. Maybe it was time to stop reading. Besides, Daniela had probably been freed from Bacon right about now…

I sighed tiredly and returned the book to its shelf. Really, books should always be returned to the proper shelf.


  □   □   □   □


I decided to check a clothes shop before returning to the inn. This was because I had realized that the percentage of being harrassed tended to increase in my current clothes. It was very shocking. These rough clothes were cheap and easy to move in, and I had liked them a lot…


“Hey, you. I’m not in a great mood today. Pay up or get knocked down. Take your pick.”

“Eh? What the…I’ll kick your arse!”

“Look at this guy. He looks so weak but carries a sword with him. It pisses me off!”

“Out of my way, you brat!”


It seemed that I could not walk ten steps without some thug taking issue with me. I lost count of how many times it happened. But I could probably fill a book with them. It would sell, too.

In any case, I came to the conclusion that my appearance was doing me no favors. But then again, I always ended up choosing similar types of clothes.

Maybe I just had unfortunate tastes…




Tired and depressed, I dragged my feet as I walked. But suddenly, a certain alley caught my eye. I wasn’t even sure why it interested me, but I stopped in my tracks and watched.


“No one goes in…”


Everyone was passing it as if it wasn’t even there. No one even glanced in its direction.




My curiosity forced me to go closer. I stood right next to it and looked through the corner of my eye. It was still there. An alley between two stores. Did no one enter it because there was nothing there?


I continued to watch for the next five minutes, but no one went inside. There might be something to this…


“Might as well check…”


I had my equipment in my bag. And I could always use Legs of the Forest Wolf to escape.


I waited until there was no one watching. And then I casually entered the mysterious alley.

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