Jack of all Trades – 165


“Sorry. But I don’t see myself working under another woman. I’m loyal to the one right here.”

“Asagi… I do not mind, you know? It sounds rather advantageous…”

“Yes, yes, exactly. I am the wolf who drank in the world. Serving the god wolf will be taking a step into the realms of deities.”


For some reason, Daniela was taking Rachel’s side on this matter. 


“That may be true and all, but I don’t quite like the fact of being your thrall. I’m not saying that I hate you or anything. I just don’t feel like it.”


I hadn’t minded until now, as it was Beowulf who gifted me ‘Legs of the Forest Wolf.’ But it would be different with Rachel. I didn’t want to think about her every time I used the skill. It had nothing to do with any kind of paranoia over Daniela, okay?

But, more importantly…


“I’m not really interested in the realm of the gods. I just want to continue doing what I’ve been doing. Traveling the world with just Daniela. That’s all.”

“Hmph. These Japanese are so boring with their lack of ambition.”

“Sorry to disappoint you.”

“Then you should accept my offer!”


Daniela watched us with a little confusion. We looked at her and couldn’t help but chuckle.


“Well, I understand you now. I am sorry for trying to pressure you.”

“Don’t mention it. And hey, I’m not exactly a weakling right now. I’ll protect Daniela.”

“Aye, I can trust Asagi to have my back. He deserves the trust I put in him.”


My face turned a little hot. It was rare for Daniela to praise me with such abandon.


Well… I think it’s time to go, Daniela?


“Yes. Asagi looks like he is about to burst. We should leave.”


“Indeed. I will be leaving soon myself. Now, get out! Out you go!”


Rachel smiled mischievously as she shooed us away. I picked up my shoes and went to the window.


“Hey, Rachel. You’ll be sorry if you throw me into the sky again.”

“I won’t. Just get out!”

“You better not. Don’t even try!”

“Asagi, you are in my way. Hurry up.”



I clutch my shoe and brace myself as I jump out of the window. However, this time I landed on the ground just fine. I sighed with relief.


“Well, I could easily reverse gravity from where you are now.”

“Don’t you dare.”


  □   □   □   □


Daniela used the key again and opened a door back to the Babbling Brook. Yes, time had not passed. If you move backward or forward, your body would not go with you… But perhaps if Rachel was successful in her research, we would one day be able to travel through time.


“Hey, Daniela.”

“What, Asagi?”

“This time travel she talked about… If you could do it, would you?”

“Would I be able to return to the past?”

“Of course.”

“Then… There is only one place I think that I would go.”


Daniela’s hands tightened into fists.


“Father and mother… I would save them from the dragons.”

“I see…”


The stampede that had altered her life… And for the worse. She would probably not hesitate to return to it. And not for her own sake, but for her parents.


“What about you, Asagi?”


“What would you do, if you could travel forward or backward?”



What would I…


“I think I’d return to my first day in this world and do what I could to speed up our meeting.”

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  1. So… in a dangerous world… when he has the chance to boost his power… he won’t???

    I feel like authors who use this trope just use it without actually thinking about it. If you think about it… it’s kinda stupid…

    Rather than using a trope as just the trope, try to think of a context in which that trope would actually work and be logical. Cause in many cases for these stories, it just feels stupid and forced.

    Thanks for the chapter XD

    • Yes and don’t forget Daniela is a long live race.
      If he gets powerup and gets to god class. He would also have enough power to protect her and get long life span.
      I seriously don’t get why author would use this types of plots. What? He wants Asagi to grow old and die early leaving his so called beloved alone for the redt of her years?

      • It is not that he doesn’t want to do so, rather, I think Asagi wants to find his own way and not cheat his way there gaining obligations to people other than Daniela in the process. It was a different story with Beowulf as Asagi sees him as a friend and a rival to surpass. Unlike Rachel who offered a position of her servant, Beowulf “gifted” Asagi the ability hoping Asagi becomes a worthy rival in the future. At least this is how I understood it all.

        Thanks for the chapters!

      • I feel that most often, this trope is over forced. I mean, it’s not like this trope wasn’t used well before (like in Saiki Kuso) but in general, it just feels forced.

        What person in the world complains because things go well for them?

    • Well from what we know about his life in the other world, meeting Daniela was literally the best thing that happened to him

  2. I have see some comments complained why Asagi didn’t acept the offer, but lets not forguet that he is quite fickled and does things at his own pace, not to mention that he doesn’t mesh well with ‘The Fenrir’, I mean he is ok with her now but just as someone he knows, heck he had a better opinion about the guard in the first town he appeared that her. So no he doesn’t wants to be tied to her that strongly at the momen, maybe in the future when their relationship deepens he migth acept the offer, but for the time been he just doesn’t.

    • It isn’t like he would have to meet up with all the time and he could have asked her what all that would entail. What kind of benefits would he get and what would she expect in return? If she just wants him to let her know about interesting things that he finds on his travels and in exchange he has more power to protect Daniela and would live longer with her, seems like it would be a win/win for Asagi.

      Instead, he doesn’t even ask the simple questions to make a logical decision.

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