Jack of all Trades – 177


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Daniela had been whispering sweet words into my ear, but then she stopped. Why…?


“Asagi. Monsters.”


“Come on, get ready.”

“They have the worst timing…”

“We can continue this later.”

“Oh, well. Time to kill.”


I straightened my back and picked up the devil sword that I had leaned against the tree.


“To be precise…”


“Someone is being chased by a monster.”

“You should say that first!”


I pulled the hood over my head and ran towards the approaching presence. They were thankfully coming towards us, and right into my detection area. So now I knew where they were.

I may catch a cold by doing this, but that was nothing compared to a person’s life. Even if the cold turned into something worse and dangerous. There was plenty I could do before that happened, and it was easier to help save a life before thinking about any of that.


And so I ran. And so I nearly died. I was running without having a clear view of my surroundings, searching for the presence of the human and the monster. That’s when a covered wagon appeared before me and nearly ran me over. My eyes met those of the driver, but Legs of the Forest Wolf kicked in instinctively and I dove to the side.

Then it rushed passed me. The monster chased after it. From what I could see, it looked like a boar. But there was magic as well. It was definitely a monster. I had never seen them before, but I knew their name. Iron Boars. They lived in the empire and had fangs as hard as iron. And very sharp as well. Sharp as a sword. Dangerous things.


Something must have caused them to become aggressive. Perhaps the wagon had been in a rush to return to the town since it was raining, and they had gone through enemy territory.


“But there’s no point in thinking about that now.”


I frantically used Legs of the Forest Wolf to chase after the wagon. It didn’t take long, and I slashed at the giant body from the side. Blood flew in the air and merged with the rain. The thing lost its balance.





I thrust my sword into the neck of the iron boar as it thrashed. It took all of my strength to pull it out, but when I was done, the iron boar was dead.




Another life is gone. However, it had to be done to save that wagon. That was how the world worked. I had to follow the rules as a citizen. When in Rome, etcetera.





I looked up and saw the wagon. Someone was waving at me. And it wasn’t the driver… 

And so I grabbed one of the legs of the iron boar and dragged it towards the wagon. Even though it would have usually been too heavy, Legs of the Forest Wolf allowed me to advance while holding onto it. Of course, my hand would be weak and shake uncontrollably later on.


“You saved us! You have!”

“Well, I couldn’t just ignore you.”

“It would have been quite terrible if this wagon were any slower than it was! Really!”


The merchant-like man took my hand in his iron grasp and shook it wildly up and down.


“I wish that I could do something to repay you, but I don’t have anything that I can give you.”

“Oh, don’t worry about. We just happened to be in the area.”


I pointed at the tree.


“We were waiting for the rain to stop.”


Among other things.


“Ah, I see. Yes, you would get quite wet if you attempted to reach the next town like this!”


I was quite wet already!


“Yes, yes. This is quite the chance encounter. Will you not ride with us then?”

“Oh? Do you mean it?”


This was fantastic. We would lose no more time!


“What do you say?”

“Thank you! Uh, I am Asagi. An Adventurer.”

“I’m Tanjelin. A humble merchant.”


And so through this merchant, we had obtained a means of advancing through the rain.

Helping people really paid off.

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  1. I wonder what Asagi would rather have, some steamy action in the rain or dry transportation to town….hmm….

    Thanks for the chapters!

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