Jack of all Trades – 183


“Thank you very much, Mister Asagi. I have already scanned your status card, so you can continue on your way in the town. And since you are an Adventurer, the reward money will be sent to you through the guild, so please confirm it when you have the time.”

“Yes, thank you. I’m glad to have been of service.”


We shook hands and it was over. The guard stood up first and opened the door for me.


“I still have much to do, but I’m sure you know your way out. Oh, by the way, I am Inspector Rami, of the guards of Yukka. Thank you so much for everything that you have done.”

“Uh, it’s nothing, really.”

“I’m glad to hear it. Welcome to the deep green town of Yukka. I hope that you enjoy your stay!”


He gave a well-disciplined salute which was quite effective in dispelling the last remnants of his foolish character. It was impressive acting. Though, there had been something endearing about the old guy. In any case, you could do much worse for a first encounter in a new town.


  □   □   □   □


I returned to the room where the others were waiting. Everyone would be splitting up at this point, and so I took Daniela and left.


“A lot happened, but I’m glad we all arrived safely. If fate permits it, we may just meet again. So do call us if you happen to see us.”


I said at the door. The other passengers waved back and were surprisingly friendly. Now that I think about it, I had boarded, been misunderstood, slept, and then woke up and fought. There hadn’t been much talking, but I guess my good deeds of the day had shown through.

Even the beastfolk girl waved at me awkwardly. I was quite happy about that.


We left the guardhouse and walked through the town. Still, my appearance was…well, it was simply the worst. I was drenched in blood. And I couldn’t use that ‘Cleaning’ spell. And there wasn’t any place I could get changed.


“Let’s find an inn as soon as possible…”

“Yes. We must do something about your appearance. It is completely horrible; unlike me.”


I would have used a bow if I could…


In any case, this was no time to wander around in search of a place, and so we decided to ask the good-natured residents about such establishments, all the while scaring the hell out of them. Our only real requirement was that we be able to wash clothes, but their teeth chattered so much that it was hard to understand them.


“Asagi, it is no good. You should hide over there. Leave this to me.”

“Are you sure? You’re going to go and talk to strangers? Don’t do anything dangerous, alright?”

“You must think yourself my guardian…I will be fine. In spite of appearances, I have lived much longer than you. There is nothing I cannot do.”

“That’s right. You’re three-hundred years old.”

“You do not need to remind me.”


Daniela turned up her nose and walked away sulkily.

Oh, but I was worried. Daniela was communicatively-impaired and a woman of few words. Would she be able to do it? Well, she said she would. And so I had to wait in the dark alley and trust her.

I looked in the direction of the alley. It reminded me of my meeting with Rachel. That one had stretched on forever, but I could see this one end at the next street. That was comforting.


“Now that I think of it, Rachel said she was going to Lambrusen…”


We had now been in Flugelnia longer, but Lambrusen still held a lot of important memories for me. After all, it was the place I had first landed in. Once we had traveled through the empire, I would like to see the rest of Lambrusen…


“Asagi, I found an inn.”

“Oh, that’s amazing! Good for you!”

“Do not praise me too much. It is embarrassing.”


Daniela said with unhidden smugness. To be honest, I expected her to take longer, so I was surprised.


Well, time to go then. Thanks to Daniela and Rami, I was feeling a lot better, but still felt a little anxious. And so I was looking forward to taking a long rest.

At this inn that Daniela had found. Yes, an inn that Daniela had found.

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