Jack of all Trades – 195



“Sorry. You must die.”


And with that, the wind arrow and ice spears were unleashed. There was a thunderous echo as they tore into its flesh. The Loup-garou died, its hateful glare never leaving me.


  □   □   □   □


I stood there for quite a while. When I looked up, the sun was high in the sky. We had left in the morning, so that meant a lot of time had been spent here.


“I’m tired…let’s…sit down…”

“Yes. That gave me quite a fright. We did not even have our armor…”


I looked down at myself. Questions concerning the Loup-garou had been in my head, but meeting Lehaty had distracted me from them. And so I had gone out in ordinary clothes and a sword. Daniela was the same. She wore her one-piece and leggings. She looked good. She had her rapier and bow and arrows. Something about the whole ensemble looked fashionable. The clothes had been from the White Lilly. I kind of felt that they prioritized fashion a little too much, but I couldn’t complain about these results.


“While this isn’t the best time to evaluate clothes…”

“You are looking too much, idiot.”


Daniela said as she adjusted her skirt. It was cute.


Perhaps it was an aftereffect of surviving the battle, but I wasn’t able to think straight. I had to snap out of it. We had to think about the Loup-garou.


“We should probably tell the guards first.”

“Hmmm… Do you think we should let them take it apart too?”

“I think that they should do it.”

Daniela glanced at the Loup-garou.


“After all, this thing was a terrible threat that killed and ate many of their Adventurers and citizens.”


Right. What we had killed it, it had terrorized the town for so long…

Well, then. We should hurry.


“I’ll run ahead.”

“Do not go too fast.”

“I know.”


I had not been thinking earlier. And so I tried running another simulation and saw that I could run at my usual speed with half the energy I used to use. I see. It really was much stronger than Legs of the Forest Wolf. I had leveled up.

But how would I explain the differences on my status card… Well, I’d think of something.


  □   □   □   □


Someone called to me from on top of the walls when I reached the south gate.


“Hey, Asagi!”

“Hmm? Mister Saragi?”


I looked up to see him standing there. He was waving a spear.


“You’re alive!”

“Yeah, I’m well!”

“I’ll open it now! Just wait!”


He said, then disappeared. I then heard him moving noisily behind the gate. He could have just opened the small side-door… After a while, there was silence, and the heavy gate creaked open.


“Ah…yes. That’s nice…”


A thin crack appeared in the center of the great gate. The light pouring through illuminated the dust in the air as it widened.


“It is pretty…”


Then the south gate was opened. The town spread out behind it. It somehow looked more beautiful than usual.

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