Jack of all Trades – 196

Unending Rumors


I came back alive. That alone was some kind of miracle for the people of this town, or so Saragi insisted. Indeed, most Adventurers would not have survived an encounter with an abnormally evolved being. I myself thought I was going to die when I first met Beowulf.


But unlike that time, I did more than survive. In fact, I was completely unharmed. Well, it was because I used my skills. Daniela also helped me. The thought of fighting it alone sent chills down my spine.


“So, where is the corpse of the Loup-garou?”

“Down this path. We were attacked on our way back from the abandoned village.”

“I see…I’m glad you were alright. You are the savior of Yukka. We can now reopen the south and east gates.”

“You exaggerate. We just happened to come across it and had to fight it.”


Though, I had gone out with the intention of meeting it.


“Even still. It caused us much trouble. It seemed strangely smart enough not to come close to the town. But then again, it kept being sighted and being the object of rumors, which guaranteed that Adventurers continued to search for it. And they all died. But now it is finally finished. Yukka will have peace again.”


Said Saragi. Well, it was good that they could reopen the gates. After all, had the rumors spread, more and more people would have continued to challenge the beast and died. It would affect the reputations and business of the town eventually. And that was how towns disappeared.


I was now moving through the forest with a team of soldiers behind me. Basically, the gate had been opened more for the purpose of letting them out than letting me in. For a second I had wondered if I was going to be arrested when I saw them marching out. Saragi laughed and apologized.


They were in charge of the security of the south gate. Saragi was the captain. He had been on watch that night as one of his men had fallen ill.


“Bah, that was some ill-luck… But it’s always been the case.”


He said as he slapped his leg. 

“Well, at least I met a crazy Adventurer because of it. You have to take the good with the bad.”


I guess he was right. After all, I had been stabbed in the stomach but was then sent to this world instead of dying. People ridiculed me as the Black Rabbit at first, but then I met Daniela. We had encountered a dangerous monster called Beowulf, and then I been given an odd gift. Good things often followed the bad. It made me think that I was fine with it all in the end. Humans were strange creatures.


However, just as good things could follow the bad, bad things could follow the good.


I remembered this and felt it. It was always like this. After arriving in this world, I was chased by forest wolves. And I never reconciled with the Adventures who called me Black Rabbit.


There was always something bad after the good. And something good after the bad.




I realized that the body of the Loup-garou that we were supposed to have killed was not there. And at the same time, I saw in despair that Daniela was on the ground. She was covered in blood.


“Hey, hey…Daniela…Daniela…!”


I frantically pulled her up, but her face was pale under the streams of blood. I put my ear to her mouth and confirmed that she was still breathing.


“Someone…give me a potion! A potion!”

“Do it! Quickly! You!”


A woman in white armor came running. She took off the large backpack and produced a small bottle. Green liquid. A potion to recover your strength.



“Thank you…Daniela…can you drink…?”


I opened the bottle and slowly poured it into her mouth.


“…Uh…gggg…! Ghha!”



I quickly pulled the bottle away. It was no good. She coughed and blood flooded from her lips. A liquid potion would not go down her throat like this.


Was…wasn’t there any other way…!?


“Asagi, you must start from the outside. Close her wounds or the blood will not stop!”

“Ri-right…damn it…these are bad…”


Her clothes were in tatters as well. The once beautiful one-piece was covered in blood and dirt and shredded. Wounds riddled her body. I poured the potion over the worst parts. The guard gave me more and more bottles as I poured them over her. The blood washed away as I poured. After a while, the once wide-open wounds began to close.


“This is just an emergency measure. I had the soldiers pitch a tent over there. We have to move her and have her treated properly.”
“Thank you, Saragi…”

“It’s too early to thank me. Wait until we know she’ll make it.”



How had it come to this… I looked at the spot where the Loup-garou should have been. There was blood gathered there. But there were also other traces to suggest the fight had begun anew. I could tell. The traces of wind blades.

But I was sure that I had killed it. But then again, I hadn’t taken off its head. But how could it be alive… And Daniela…


What if she died… I was so worried that I didn’t know what to do. I could feel it, it was as if my mind were shutting off. Why hadn’t I cut off its head? I was overwhelmed with regret.


I would kill to protect her.


Yes. Hadn’t that been what I learned in Nicora?

Daniela was barely alive, and it was possible that she would not last long. If it happened, it would all be my fault.


Why. Why. Why… I couldn’t stop asking myself.



Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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