Jack of all Trades – 196


Just then, I heard the sound of hands clapping together. I turned around in surprise. Saragi was standing there.


“You’re back then. Good.”


“You were sinking into a pit of regret, weren’t you? Humans always become so pessimistic. But you’re back now. And there is hope.”

“Hope… But Daniela is so…”

“I told you, it’ll be fine. My men know what they are doing. Don’t be so quick to despair.”


It was easy for him to say it, but I had seen the wounds… I could not help but look down.


“Listen to me, Asagi. I may have had to quit being an Adventurer after taking an arrow to the knee, but I used that experience to have my men train in medical treatment as well. And it is because of that that there are no doctors in Yukka. Do you see why?”


Saragi crouched down to my level and smiled.


“It’s because we are too good at what we do.”



I wasn’t sure if I should let myself hope. Then a soldier’s voice called. It was the same woman from earlier.


“Captain! Captain!”

“Don’t call me that. I’m an Adventurer! So, what is it?”

“The injured Adventurer has awakened!”


I got up abruptly and grabbed her by the collar.


“Daniela’s alive!?”


“Thank you!!”


Overwhelmed with emotion, I hugged her tightly while thanking her. Then I ran towards the tent.


Daniela. Daniela.


She was all that I could think about.


  □   □   □   □




“Yeah… God, I’m so glad…!”


I knelt down by her bed. I didn’t know if there was a god, but I offered my thanks repeatedly.


“Asagi…I am sorry…I let my guard down…”

“No, it was me…! If I had only cut off its head…”

“I could have done it as well…ggghh…”



Her wounds must have been hurting her. I tried to move closer but a guard stopped me.


“Asagi…that thing is no longer an ordinary Beowulf…after killing it…it evolved…its intense hatred caused it to change…”


“Be careful…its wind…it was stronger than yours was when you were a thrall to Beowulf…”


Daniela said this before falling unconscious. I became frantic, but the guard assured me that she was not dead.


They said that they would continue to treat her and that I had to leave. Outside, Saragi had his men regroup and stand in formation.


“We’re going, aren’t we?”

“Yes…But just me alone.”

“You can defeat it by yourself?”


I shook my head.


“It’s not a question of whether I can or not. I will defeat it. No…I will kill it. Him. With these hands. Make no mistake.”

“I must advise you. Don’t let hatred rule you. Open your mind and see the whole picture. Your chance of winning and your future are always hard to see.”

“Thank you, Sargai.”

“Don’t mention it. Well, you’re an Adventurer after all. I know what it’s like. It’s in our blood.”


He laughed heartily as I bowed. I was glad that he was here.


“But this is also a problem for Yukka. I will report this to my superiors and a hunting party will be formed.”

“I understand. I may die in the process, but I will deal a lethal blow.”


I had no intention of dying, but the good followed the bad. Who knew what would happen.


“Don’t die. Still, kill it. That’s what being an Adventurer is about, right?”


He said seriously. Yeah. I would really have to try and come back alive…


“You’re right… By the time you all catch up to me, I’ll be taking a nap on its head.”

“Haha! I look forward to seeing it!”


He turned around and barked out orders to his men. And with that, they turned on their heels and headed for the south gate. The tent had been pulled down and Daniela was being carried away on a cart.


“We’ll follow you shortly. Don’t die.”

“You be careful as well, Saragi.”


We bumped our fists together.


We had promised to meet again. And so I too turned on my heels and looked at the forest. I needed to return the favor. For Daniela’s wounds. I would.


“…But first, I better put on my armor.”


I chuckled as I looked down at myself. The ridiculousness of it at least calmed my nerves a little.

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Translator-san: Hope you enjoyed the chapter dump! 😀 (In case you are wondering, it’s to celebrate 200 chapters of 10 Years After.  And also 600 chapters on this site. And also my birthday is coming up. :D)

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  1. Thanks so much and Happy Birthday!

    Why would they split up like that? You’d think seasoned adventurers know better.

      • You got to remember though, to them this is not a game. They make one mistake, they usually pay with their life. In fact Asagi has been burned several times already but ok, may be his mentality still hasn’t quite adjusted; however, Daniella, who is an adventurer with something like 100 years of experience, should know better.

  2. Happy birthday! Asagi doesn’t want people to know about his upgrade yet.

    Going alone is dangerous, but other people can become a hostage too.

    Don’t forget to snap the neck to wnsure it’s dead.

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