Jack of all Trades – 198


“This one will not heal…”


It was the worst one. Unfortunately, there was a long slash that went down my chest. I had avoided such terrible wounds up until now…keeping myself clean. Would Asagi still find this body beautiful?


“Yes…of course, he would.”


Besides, it was I who held him. There was no point in worrying about what he thought.

Now, while I have scars, the wounds are all sealed. So I just have to recover my strength.


“Saragi. Do you have Asagi’s bag with you?”

“Hmm? Ah, yes. He only took his weapons and equipment while leaving the bag…”

“Give it to me.”


I stretched out my hand but Saragi just pointed. I looked to see that the bag was behind me. Ah, so there it was. Asagi’s little doll was hanging on it. Yes, it was the hollow bag.

I took out a clean cloth from it and wiped the excess potion off of my body. And then I took my armor and put it on. My sword and bow had been recovered and were inside as well.


And lastly, I put on the chained ore gauntlets.


“Is that chained ore? It’s very rare…you wouldn’t…”

“You have a terrible intuition. Why would I use it for such a thing?”



I glared at Saragi as he raised his hands and chuckled. Then I pulled some food out of the bag and ate. Really. As if I would capture the weak and sell them as slaves? It was preposterous. If I were to use them, I would use them on Asagi for a little fun. …Yes, that was an amusing idea.


By the time there was a mountain of empty boxes and crumpled paper around me, we arrived at the south gate. When I looked up at the sky, I could see it was still midday. So much had happened that it was hard to keep track of time.


“You wait at the guardhouse, Daniela. We’ll gather everyone together as soon as possible. We should be able to leave within two hours.”

“Aye. Be quick.”

“I know. Be patient, alright? Haste makes waste, you know?”

“A Hero used to say that. I am not stupid.”


It was words often said by a Hero who had come to this world a long time ago. There were many others, and they became known as Hero Speech.


Saragi nodded as he got up onto his horse and into town. I found myself staring at the gate for some time, but then a guard finally assured me inside.


After that, I spent some time asking the wind spirits about what was happening in the forest.


‘The black wolf is running wild.’

‘The wind is scary…’

‘The black wolf and the man with black hair are fighting.’

‘The forest is too scary today.’


I thanked them and they left through the cracks in the window and flew off into the town.


“I see…”


Asagi was still well. He was fighting with the evolved Loup-garou. But the spirits’ information was vague, so I prayed for his safety.

As I gazed out the window, there was a knock on the door.


“Daniela, are you in there?”


“Yeah. The men are here. We can go and hunt the Loup-garou.”


And so I fixed my sword to my belt and left the room. Saragi and the guard who had given me the potions were waiting in the hallway.


“Are you ready?”

“Of course. Ah, that is right. Thank you for the potions. I shall pay for them later.”

“Oh, it is fine…”


The guard waved her hands in protest, but I believed it was only right. It was always good to repay a debt. It was a trick to living.

I patted her on the shoulder and smiled, assuring her that she need not be so modest. And then she nodded.


“Alright, let’s go then. The others are waiting.”

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