Jack of all Trades – 2


“You-you have got be kidding me…!”


My pants had been cut near the hemline. And there were drops of red blood dripping from my leg under it. Even though I knew it was only a light scrape, it hurt.




I tore my gaze away from my leg and looked up at the sneering face of the goblin. Its ferocious expression showed that it saw me as nothing more than food. Damn it, I was not about to be killed again, in a place like this!



“Eat this!!”


I thrust out the spear as the goblin came rushing towards me again. It was exactly as the image that had appeared in my brain. The end of the spear shot straight through the stomach of the running goblin. I must say, it was a little awkward that I aimed for his stomach instinctively, in spite of having experienced a similar assault.


Stab quickly and pull out quickly. The end of the spear was wet with blue blood.




Its writhing hand dropped the billhook. I use my spear to knock it away from the goblins reach.

It slid across the fallen leaves and stopped at the base of a tree.


I watch the blood rush from the goblins wound as I hold the spear ready once again. Slowly, the goblin crumpled to its knees. Here’s my chance, I think. It had fallen face first into the dirt, and I point the tip of the spear into the back of its neck.


“And now…it’s over…!”


I plunge the spear deep into its neck. The goblin convulses violently as my foot presses down on its back and I pull out the spear. For a second, a fountain of blood erupts from the hole but quickly subsides. The foot that I had placed on it was drenched in blue blood.


“Hhhaahh, hhhaaah…”


Ha… It was the first time I had killed… I didn’t know how I felt. I took the Japanese route of trying to convince myself it was ‘self-defense,’ but something still bothered me. Throughout my life, I had never even killed an animal. It was quite something to have to suddenly take the life of a monster.


However, I was also someone who had been killed once. I was not so good-natured as to allow someone to do it to me again. Survival was the only option for me now. I shook my head to dispel any such negative thoughts.


Suddenly, I remember that the goblin had been carrying a billhook. Where was it…there it is. It had fallen near the roots of a tree.


“Here we are… Woah, it’s disgusting. …Huh?”


As soon as I had picked it up, images appeared in my brain once again. It was the same screen split into four with each showing footage of different moves. Well, there was no variation for attacks with this, so it was really just different camera angles being shown. Of course, it was. You couldn’t thrust with it like a sword. Now if this was a sword hatchet…nevermind. I picked up the old billhook that had my own blood on it and the spear I had carved with a box cutter and continued through the forest.

I was far from unstoppable…


□ □ □ □


Currently, I was hiding behind some bushes after having walked for quite a while. Why was I hiding? The reason was standing just on the other side of the bushes. I separated the leaves enough to confirm the situation, and sighed.


“Gaaagaaga, kugooooo!”




More goblins had appeared. And as a herd this time. As far as I could tell, there were at least 10 of them…


This was the worst. It hardly mattered now, that I could wield a spear or a billhook, those numbers were not manageable. There was nothing I could do. I would have to wait for them to leave.


But things would not be so easy. As if things couldn’t get any worse, one of the goblins had started to approach the bush I was hiding behind. Its nose sniffed at the air as it came closer and closer. What? Was it my smell…? The goblin blood…! The blood that had soaked into my clothes was now luring them!




I cursed internally as I frantically made my retreat. What should I do…The goblin was practically right in front of me now. And I was practically out of options.



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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    I’m not sure if I should be posting this here, or on the first half of this chapter… however, I found a small (but common) error.

    Here: [Passed the plains of short grown grass, I could see a forest.]
    This: [Passed]
    Should be: [Past]

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