Jack of all Trades – 208


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The effects of the drink started to fade as I walked. It always happened rather quickly with me… I was also easily affected by the atmosphere.


Up until now, I had been walking along the line of campers, but now I turned to the forest, which seemed quieter. There was a light breeze and the rustling of leaves overhead. The chilly air felt nice on my heated skin.


The light of the moon and stars peeked between the cracks in trees, creating an elegant scene. Everyone I had met in this world might be looking up at this same view right now.


“That’s a nice thought…hmm?”


I heard a voice. What was it? Like someone crying… Damn it. A chill went up my spine.


“At times likes these…”


I was happy to have Presence Detection. Ghosts and any other nonscientific beings will be promptly exposed… I narrowed it down to the area where the voice was coming from. Narrowing it down made it more accurate. And I was able to detect the exact positions. There were two.


“Two… But there is only one voice…”


…Hmm, but it really was two. Maybe someone was being attacked..?

I moved towards them as quietly as I could manage. I didn’t know what was happening, but I couldn’t just jump into the darkness without thinking. What if it really was a ghost… Not that I was scared of them.


Night Eyes allowed me to avoid fallen branches as I moved. I stayed behind bushes as I got closer to the tree. The voice was getting louder.




Hmm… Crying? …Is it really…?


Now I wasn’t sure. But I was quite close. The urge to leave and the urge to see were pulling me. But I inched closer until I was at the cluster of bushes I had made my goal.




And then I looked.




It wasn’t crying… It was just someone panting. And Night Eyes left little to the imagination.


It was a young man and woman.


(This is bad…)


They’d probably try to kill me… Now that I knew who the ghosts were, it was time scram. It was a simple enough mission. But then again, they seemed like they would be finishing very soon. That will increase the risk of discovery. In fact, it was almost a miracle they hadn’t discovered me already.


(This was no time to be analyzing such things!)


I put all other thoughts aside and moved away from the bushes. I was even more careful than I had been when going. Sweat dripped down my forehead. I must not ruin their joyful moment.


I was so relieved about being able to return to Daniela unnoticed, that I ended up falling asleep right after. Of course, Daniela was furious.


Eventually, I would look at my status card and see that Presence Block had been added to my list of skills, but it would not happen for quite a while.

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