Jack of all Trades – 216


A part of the wall opened right above us. What a gimmick. And I thought this wall was solid stone… Then a rope started to descend. There was no one else around. Was it a rope to help some in? In that case…


“This is bad. Let’s go, Daniela.”


“I don’t like the smell of this!”


I just knew that someone was going to come down from there. From the town of nobles. Some rich asshole, I bet. I’d rather not get involved with that type.

And so I pulled Daniela away from it before the rope hit the ground. I would not get involved with this!


I let go of her hand when we were back in the main street. Once I had caught my breath, I looked behind me just in case. …Yes, no one had followed us. That was close…


“I know that pattern. Some noble was going to come out and demand that we entertain them.”

“That would be annoying…”

“Right? There is a saying, ‘a wise man keeps away from danger.’ Only an idiot would rush in by themselves.”

“I have heard that one. Some old Hero used to say it.”


Now that we had left that business to someone else, we continued our walk. It was quite a long walk by now. If only we had an actual destination.


“In that case, we can look for your armor, Asagi.”

“Ah, that’s right. I’d forgotten about that.” 


It was a good opportunity. While I still had twenty days left, it could take a long time. But then again, Turia from the White Lily had finished it in a week.


“It is too bad that we used all the materials on my clothes.”

“No. There’s no way we’d know that my clothes would get ruined so soon after.”

“If any of the materials we sold in Usk made their way here, you could buy them.”

“I’d feel quite sad if I had to buy materials I sold.”

“It cannot be helped. It is less likely that a wind dragon will conveniently appear.”


Maybe if we were in a comic book. If we were walking around town and I heard someone shout, ‘there’s a wind dragon!’ then I would know that it was the end of the world. As if a dragon would appear in the middle of town.


“Hey, did you hear? The rumors about a dragon in the east mountain.”

“Aye, everyone is talking about it… They say it’s a dragon from south of the continent…”

“Yes-yes. But I haven’t heard what type it is yet…”

“I heard that it was a wind dragon…”

“Really? …Wind dragons are vicious…”


There was no way that my ears were functioning correctly. Still, I spun around and saw people talking as they ate on a terrace.


“It is rare indeed. Dragons don’t usually come around here.”

“Speaking of dragons, have you heard of the attack in Nicora?”

“Yes. And it is quite close… What happened in the end?”

“Someone killed it… Chopped its head off the same day it appeared.”

“Woah… I’m not sure which is the actual monster here…”


Geez. Sorry for being a monster. Wait, nevermind about that. What? A dragon?


“Well, the imperial soldiers will take care of it.”

“But it’s still just a rumor, isn’t it? Will they really take action?”

“Who knows? But it will be the end of that dragon if they do.”

“I suppose… Oh, look at the time. We should go.”

“Ah, wait a minute. I’m almost finished eating…”


Daniela and I looked at each other. It was hard to believe, but where there was smoke, there was fire. And we needed to move before the military in order to find out if it was true.

And so we rushed back to the lodging facility to grab our things. We quickly got changed and then ran towards the guild. After checking the quest board thoroughly, we found a quest called ‘East Mountain Investigation.’ We accepted it and then went to the market district to restock on supplies. The first thing to get was a new tent. Nothing fancy, just something that was practical. I found one that was supported by a single pole, just like I had wanted, and so I bought that. Daniela found another one that was shaped like a dome, and we bought that as well. We could use them depending on the situation.

Then we bought food at street stalls and restaurant takeouts and then left the city before the gates closed.


“Do you think maybe we are rushing things a little…?”

“‘It is good to have shelter against every storm.’ That is what an old Hero once said….”


We caught our breath and continued towards the east mountain. I really hope that it’s there. This wind dragon. Really, things could not have been more convenient for us!

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  1. mm i know the japanese love their templates but reality often dictates you dont need to be “the protagonist” for effed up coincidences to occur.. keeping in mind dragons running over villages isnt exactly such an uncommon incident in this world, and keeping in mind they still havent really found a reason why it happens nor a method to stop it from happening, they really just shouldn’t be too surprised if more dragons and dragonkin start appearing here and there. just in the 4 ~ 6 months since he met daniela there’s been the hero fighting off a full dragon invasion to the point of crashing the market with materials, 2 wyverns just outside a major city, a small wyvern at a small village, a dragon summon, and now this. that’s quite literally almost a dragon(kin) per month, give or take.

    if anything imo it’d be strange if they traveled from town to town across two countries, and DIDNT see more action. the only “protagonisty” thing about this is if it turns out to be a wind dragon after all

  2. It would be funny if those gossipers were actually empirial spies trying to lure them to the eastern mountains… 🤔

  3. “I really hope that it’s there. This wind dragon. Really, things could not have been more convenient for us!”

    Suspiciously convenient. He wants to turn it into literal plot armor… ʕ; •`ᴥ•´ʔ

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