Jack of all Trades – 219


“We should have bought some potions.”

“We were in a hurry…phew…”

“But this is amazing. You have done something that even I cannot do, Asagi.”

“Hehe. Thanks.”


I basked in the sense of accomplishment as well as the fatigue as we walked. Then Daniela suddenly stopped.



“Is this it? Where you fought?”

“Hmm…oh, yeah. It’s here.”


This is where I killed the bandits who had tried to attack us yesterday. There was so much on my mind at the time, that I had just left them there. All four of them.


“I’d like to bury them.”

“I will help you.”



Daniela used earth magic to create four holes. And then I lowered the bandits that I had killed into them. I put my hands together and prayed for their souls before throwing the dirt over them. Then I put the swords over the graves and we were finished. I felt a sense of closure.

Daniela had even joined me in my prayers. Always kind…


“…Alright, let’s go.”

“Aye. We should hurry.”

“Got it.”


My little indulgence had cost us some time. It would now be past midday when we arrived. Still, I felt good and optimistic. I knew I wasn’t being the easiest person to be with, but this was one of those things… Well, it was just how I was…


It was with such reflections that I followed after Daniela.


  □   □   □   □


In the end, we reached the foot of the mountain before I had a single good idea. Daniela didn’t have any either, and she focused on creating her own magic. It had only been a short time, but she was already starting to activate things.


“If I could only freeze time…”

“It is impossible. Well, maybe with dimension magic.”



Imagination was key, but that was hard. You had to take your fantastical ideas and imagine them as if they were real. But it was hard to imagine things that seemed impossible. Why couldn’t I just imagine things as a very vague image?


“If it were that simple, everyone would be a great sorcerer.”

“You’re not wrong…”


Damn it. The world really was against you sometimes. 


“We should focus on just finding the dragon today. And when we do, run immediately.”

“Shouldn’t be too hard with my legs.”


“What about the bandits?”

“Nothing. We can tell the guild as part of our report.”

“Right. There’s no need to go the extra mile.”



It was past midday now. We quickly ate our lunch and then prepared for a possible battle. Of course, I would be carrying Daniela, and she wouldn’t be able to do much in that position. But, we prepared our minds to use magic.


After a brief rest, I picked Daniela up and activated Legs of the God Wolf. The platinum and green wind blew as I stepped on air and launched us into the sky.


  □   □   □   □


While I did say it looked like a table mountain, there weren’t exactly precipitous cliffs. A manageable slant, really. And it was halfway up that slant that we saw the bandits. Well, there was a pillar of smoke that marked them out. You couldn’t miss it.


“So that must be their base.”

“Looks like it. They’re drinking like a bunch of idiots.”


It was as if they had long forgotten about the four who had not returned in the night. Some friends…


Well, it was nothing to me. I was their executioner. 


“Alright. We’ll go around them and reach the mountaintop from the other side.”

“Yes, it would be very annoying to be caught.”


I nodded and changed course to the southeast. We could see it from here, but we would have to get closer and land in order to investigate, and we’d surely be seen… Damn it. Bandits were just about the most inconsiderate people in this world. I sighed and continued to rush through the sky as if sliding on ice.

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