Jack of all Trades – 23


“Status open.”

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Name: Asagi Kamiyashiro

Race: Human

Job: Adventurer (Rank: E)

LV: 32

HP: 316/316

MP: 285/285

STR: 125  VIT: 118

AGI: 366  DEX: 158

INT: 120  LUK: 14

Skills: ‘Jack of all Trades, Master of None’, Presence Detection, One-handed Sword, Short Sword, Spear

Magic: Ice, Water, Fire

Quest: Eliminate the Forest Wolves

Party: Daniela Villesilf

Equipment: Head – None

Body – Leather Armor

Arms – Leather Gloves

Legs – None

Feet – Leather Boots

Weapons – Iron Sword

– Iron Short Sword

Accessories – None

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

I had Presence Detection now. I guess it was because of all the practicing. It was great being able to actually see the results of your work. I put the card back into my pocket and report it to Daniela.

“I have Presence Detection.”

“That is good. You worked hard for it!”

She was so happy that you’d think it was her that got a new skill. It made me feel even better about putting in the effort.

“Well then, food looks about ready.”



One moment Daniela was standing in front of me, the next she was on my side as she rammed into me. I didn’t understand what was happening. The spoon I was holding got caught on the pot and the whole thing flew into the air. The delicious looking soup danced in the air before losing to the powers of gravity and splattering all over the ground.


“We run! Asagi!!”

I returned to myself with those words. There was something on the other side of the pot. It looked a little like a giant wolf, but I didn’t have time to make sure of it, as I stumbled off after Daniela.

“Wha…t…was that!”

“Hahhh, hhh…ah…That was…Beowulf…!”

After running from our camp, the two of us were now hiding in the hollow of a large tree. Whatever it was that I saw, it was called Beowulf. Apparently, he was the master of the forest wolves. Daniela explained this as she caught her breath.

“Hhhh… He is a forest wolf who has lived a very long life. But as forest wolves are hunted by adventurers, it’s only a small few that survive that long… I never would have suspected he’d be in a forest so close to the town…”

“I only saw it for a second, but it looked huge.”

“Aye, he was over two meters tall.”

“Could we kill it?”

“To be frank, that would be quite difficult.”

I find myself making a fist. There was a monster that we were not capable of defeating. There was no one to call for help here. And it was night time. It would be hard to see. But he was huge and a wolf besides. It wouldn’t take long for him to follow our scent and find us. There was almost no chance of us winning.

“What should we do…”

“I’m afraid that I’ve done you great harm.”

“What’s this, all of a sudden?”

“This would not have happened if I hadn’t suggested we come out here to train.”

“Daniela, that’s not true. And I’m glad that we came out here. I learned a lot, and more than anything, it was fun.”


“But I have no intention of dying here. We’ll kill him. We’ll live and we’ll return home.”

“Yes, you are right… We are a party. We must both live.”

The light that shone from the cracks in the clouds illuminated Daniela’s smile then. Her face was as beautiful as any art could be. I couldn’t help but be captivated. But then I saw something behind her.

“What is…that?”

Daniela turned around to see.

“It looks like a building of some sort.”

I could see it now. The stone structure in the moonlight.

“What should we do?”

“There’s no point in staying here. Let’s give it a closer look.”

Daniela nods and stands up. Still cautious of our surroundings, we decided to slowly make our way towards the mysterious building.

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  1. That is probably the wolf in the Novel picture. It’s been following them for awhile now and I think it was leading them to that building. It was probably interested in the food he was making lol

  2. I know this was translated long ago but I think that ‘Beowulf’ is supposed to be ‘Werewolf’. Explanation might be long because I’m not good at writing.

    In english the pronunciation is different but ‘werewolf’ is supposed to sound similar to ‘Beowulf’ in the German?(not quite sure what the origin is) language. So I don’t know what it was in the JP raw but I suppose TL thought it was Beowolf because of how it was pronounced. Also it doesn’t make sence for it to be Beowulf as that has nothing to do with wolves.

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