Jack of all Trades – 235


“You are the one with the ungoverned tongue. We are elves, the chosen race.”

“Chosen? Daniela is wonderful and beautiful, I’ll give you that. And light elves are indeed a great race…”

“So you understand? Then…”


Adlus offered his hand to Daniela, completing misunderstanding me. I grabbed his wrist with the intention of crushing it.


“However, in spite of appearances, you’re just full of shit. In fact, you’re not even scum!!”

“Let go of my hand. Or else…”

“Or else what?”


Magic energy began to blow around Adlus as he looked down at me. Was this a threat? Stupid bastard. That wasn’t enough to make me back down.


“Perhaps I’ll kill you?”


The calmness in his voice nearly made me blow a fuse. That was one thing not to be said lightly. Back in Japan, such threats would just lead to a fight. But in this world, people could actually die.

It didn’t help that I was already angry. Cold air was already gathering around my feet.


“Then give it your best shot.”


Ice crackled on the floor. Adlus’s own magic stopped it from reaching him, but the area surrounding him was starting to freeze.

But then something tapped my shoulder. I turned and saw Daniela. I had been so aggravated that I hadn’t noticed that she was reacting in the same way. The magic energy that was flowing from her was crazy


“That is enough. No one ridicules my Asagi to that extant.”

“Hmph… So you’re Asagi. You haven’t been an Adventurer for long, have you? Still, you won’t earn my forgiveness easily.”

“I don’t want it. But come at me again, and I’ll ensure you’ll never want to walk the streets again.”


I tightened my grip once more before letting go. Tsk. I was almost disappointed it didn’t break. He was incredibly strong…


“Daniela. We’ll meet again.”

“I hope you will bring a written will next time.”

“Hmph. You are a feisty one… Now, excuse me.”


Adlus walked through without even being signed in. …What a rule breaker.


“…Did you not know him, Mister Asagi?’

“I knew that a lot of people were chanting his name. What’s with him, anyway?”

“He won the last two tournaments.”

“He won?”


The man behind the desk shook his head in wonderment.


“Yes. Adlus the Wanderer…. He’s a professional water magic-user. He will be in the main games.”

“Water, huh…”


Unfortunately, water magic was very powerful. Something without shape can be made into anything. The possibilities were endless. It could be used for attacks and defense. And he was clearly more skilled than me. But…


“I’ll freeze whatever he throws at me.”


I said as I crushed the ice under my foot. Ice magic was perfect for taking the warmth out of something. I would show him. It didn’t matter if it had a shape or not.


He’d fall to his knees and beg for forgiveness. He’d regret trying to take Daniela away.


“Let’s go, Daniela. The game’s about to start.”

“Yes. There are better things to think about.”



We bumped our fists together. That was all that was needed for us to land on the same page. It was ridiculous that anyone could think they could come between us.


Now, it was off to see Group C!

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