Jack of all Trades – 240


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After breakfast, we found ourselves walking towards the arena for no particular reason. While I was practically dragging my feet, it seemed like there were a lot of people passing us by.


“Isn’t the game tomorrow?”

“It should be.”


And yet it was oddly crowded. Puzzled, we continued to walk until the arena came into view. It was the most crowded place of all, and we soon found out why.


“I see. The tournament bracket.”

“So this is why there was a day in between.”


I had assumed that we’d find out on the day of the fight. However, now that it was up, the reason for it being today became obvious.


“Come here to place your bets! Get in line!”


Yes, gambling. It seemed that it was a part of the Imperial Sword Tournament. And on further inspection, it was a military man who was managing it. The country ran a casino, in a way. Perhaps that was their way of keeping it fair. The icesnow season would be approaching soon. There would be fewer things you could do then. So perhaps this would have a positive effect on the economy in the meantime. There would be more tourists and people loved to bet money.


“So, who will we be fighting against?”



I stood on my toes in the far back. While my toenails were sacrificed, I was able to acquire the needed information. There were twelve fighters. A-Rank and B-Rank had two fighters each, while C, D, E and F-Ranks each had one fighter. Then there was Daniela and me in the recommendation bracket. And then Adlus, as the previous champion.

As for our opponents…


E-Rank ‘Macadenia Nikke’ —— B-Rank ‘Bandi Ree.’

A-Rank ‘Levee Badi’ —— C-Rank ‘Alenbia Ef Quingeria.’

F-Rank ‘Baz Rockwell’ —— D-Rank ‘Newt Erangute.’

B-Rank ‘Neyti Miniado’ —— A-Rank ‘Daniela Villesilf.’

A-Rank ‘Kapricorn Shteiner’ —— A-Rank ‘Asagi Kamiyashiro.’

A-Rank ‘Adlus Brasilf’ —— A-Rank ‘Henrich Azsilf.’


Hmm. I didn’t even know what to make of it. And so I decided to focus on my opponent. Kapricorn Shteiner… Well, it was memorable, I suppose. This was the person I would be fighting. Since the person was A-Rank, that meant they had won yesterday’s game. So was it the woman with the ice sword or the person with the short sword… I would have to ask someone.


“Uh, excuse me. Who was that woman who fought with the ice sword yesterday?”

“Hmm? Ah, that woman. She’s Levee Badi. A veteran Adventurer with the alias, ‘White Dew.’”

“I see. Thank you. By the way, who are you betting on?”

“Levee, of course. She’s incredible.”


“Aye. Didn’t you see? Those precise thrusts! They say she can hit the dewdrops that fall from the morning leaves!”

“Is that where her alias came from?”

“It is. …Oh, I better be going. See you. And take my advice and place your bets on Levee!”

“I’ll remember that!”


The young man waved and walked away. Interesting. ‘White Dew’ Levee… Well, my bets were on Daniela. I would have liked to hear about the person in the recommended bracket too…

Oh, well. The name sounded elvish.


In any case, it seemed that I, Kapricorn, Adlus, and Heinrich were going to fight three times until we reached the finals. As for those who got through the preliminaries, they would have to fight four times.


“That makes it seem like Adlus had an advantage…”


Regardless, I was going to fight the person with the short sword. Which was unfortunate…because I hadn’t been watching that fighter at all and didn’t know their fighting style. And I had been so careful to observe up until now… Hmm, this was bad.

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  1. Thanks, really love this web novel, I like to see a couple instead of the same harem trope, and with some character and emotional work… but god there is way too much boring chapters where nothing happen, when just a few sentnces would have done the deal instead.

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