Jack of all Trades – 258


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And so everything ended. The auction and the Imperial Sword Tournament.


The next day, we went to the castle in order to accept the prize. As the Emperor had a tight schedule, it was done quickly.


“There you are. Now, here it is. As the winner, you will be awarded three thousand pieces of gold and this bracelet. This is a ‘Hollow Bracelet.’ It can store almost anything that is not a living human. Like this.”


The Emperor put the bracelet on his wrist and stored the three thousand pieces of gold inside.


“It is very valuable. So use it well.”

“Thank you.”


Daniela accepted it and put it on immediately. Yes, it looked good on her. I already had the hollow bag, but it was sure to be useful on our journey.


“And one more. I believe you have the wind attribute. This is a cape made from the materials of a green dragon that a previous emperor killed. The person who wears this will be loved by the wind and should be able to withstand anything. You will even be able to soar through the sky. As it used the power within the cape, your own energy will not be depleted.”


Green dragons were supposed to be the strongest type of wind dragon. I remember hearing something about the ones with color in their names being the strongest. Daniela had received such a wonderful gift…I was incredibly jealous.

While the cape was made of green dragon, the color was pure white. On top of that, it had an intricate green pattern on it that was elegant and subtle. It wasn’t something you wore to show off, but it also didn’t look cheap. It was the perfect cape for someone as beautiful as Daniela.




Daniela put it on and looked at it with surprise. I could smell the green energy in the air. It was the moment that the cape recognized Daniela as its owner.


“Hmm. It suits you. In fact, it was the Empress Velgrys that slew the green dragon. She used wind magic just like you. Even a green dragon could not match her.”


The strongest monster with the wind attribute was no match…


“As for you, Asagi…”

“Uh, yes.”


The Emperor called my name while I stared at Daniela dazedly. It would not be long before I was executed for being disrespectful…!


“Haha. I can see why you would be stunned. But please accept this first. One thousand and five-hundred in gold for being the runner-up. And this sword.”


The shiny coins were brought in on a tray with a single sword. It was a one-handed sword in a black sheath.


“The Black Empire Blade, Velnoir. This was also from a previous emperor.”

“Uh, oh, Your Majesty. Surely I couldn’t…”


I could understand bestowing such gifts to the winner or their tournament. But I hadn’t won. I couldn’t help but hesitate.


“It is fine. Besides, you did well in the fight. You might have won had the spirits not been called in at the end. And so I think you deserve something for that.”


Well, I couldn’t argue against him. He had recognized what been happening at the end. I hesitantly reached out for the sword.


“Uhh… Woah…”


The texture seemed to suck at your skin. It wasn’t just bound in leather. The handguard was clearly designed with practicality in mind. With the exception of one black gem-like stone, it was very simple.


“It is the sword of Emperor Kisaragi. The Black Emperor. He is mostly known for being the sole emperor who was not of the royal line, but he was also the strongest up until then.”



Kisaragi…? Could that mean…


“Try unsheathing it.”



The Emperor said as I was musing on the name. And so I did as he said. A blade that was as black as the sheath now appeared. It was a two-edged blade. However, one side had comb-like teeth near the base. The words ‘sword breaker’ flashed in my mind.


“It is said that he used this sword long ago, during a great war. And it is said that as he rushed through the battlefield, he left a trail of broken blades behind him.”


So, you could break swords with that part of the blade.


“It’s made of an ore known as Black Star ore. It is found deep within the earth. Kisaragi called this ore the Star Core.”


Who knew how he got his hands on such a thing… In any case, I understood that it was a great sword. I sheathed it and strapped it on the opposite side of the armor demon sword.


“Thank you. I’m honored to be able to accept it.”

“Hmm. And now, it is finished. The festivities will continue for one more week. I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in the city.”


He said with a smile and then got up from his seat.


“I would have liked to talk with you some more, but there is no time, unfortunately.”

“Yes, of course.”

“Well, until we meet again.”


And then he quickly left the room. We were then led out of the castle and back into the city. As I couldn’t carry it, Daniela stored my gold with her own.

And like that, our business in the imperial capital came to an end.

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  1. Cheers for the chapter, and all your hard work!

    I found that last bit some what odd… they are armed and armored yet he didn’t bring the hollow bag? Just seems silly to leave it behind.

  2. Just caught up and this is a really feel good story
    The MC is just the right amount of strong still which fits the theme of jack of all traits and his intersections with the other characters are very natural and enjoyable

  3. kida surprised he has’t been looking for someone to make that matching pair of neclices for the wind dragon materils

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