Jack of all Trades – 27


Once the goblins arrived and began to thrive in the northern forests, Beowulf would likely set out on his journey. I wondered if I would have to kill him the next time we met. Or would he kill me? We continued to walk. When it became night, we camped again, ultimately exiting the forest in two days time.

And there were the gates of Fhiraldo. They were open just like they were on that first day.

We decided to let the guild take care of the ancient weapons. They were registered to me with magic and blood before being stored in a safe. I had to remember to take them with me when I finally did leave this town. We also handed over the forest wolf fangs and in return, received four golden pieces and some silver. Fiona had given her stamp of approval in regards to the quality of the fangs. We, of course, split the reward. Fiona looked like she wanted to tell me something after that, but I ignored her and we left for the bar. The two us wanted to celebrate our return, it was a job well done and we deserved a little party. I ordered something with fish, and Daniela ordered her favorite meat, which she took with some spiced wine. It was really good… It was good manners to enjoy your daytime drinking with just a little bit of self-deprecation.

Well, we had finished reporting in and were no longer hungry. Might as well return to the inn now. I was thinking this when I was assaulted from behind. A great open palm had slammed into my back. It made quite the sound.

“What the…”

“Don’t act stupid with me, Asagi! Those weapons!!”

“Ahh, yes. We just found them.”

Fiona was glaring at me from behind. I guess this was what she had wanted to say earlier. Still, she really did act very familiar. I feel like this change came quite suddenly too. I wasn’t quite sure why.

“Uh, you’re a bit close. You should remember your standing as a guild worker.”

“Hmm? Well, I need to mark my territory while I can…”

“Asagi, I just know that you are a gemstone. Don’t you think I should catch you now, considering what you might be worth in the future?”

This woman…is horrifying.

“I think you are overrating me a bit.”

“You collected that many fangs and picked up those weapons in only three days. How can you be anything but a person of great talent?”

“That was because of Daniela.”

“I am sure she did her part to help.”

Fiona was shaking me back and forth now. I didn’t need this… I was so tired… Ugh, and drunk. I looked over to Daniela for help.

“Indeed, Asagi is a brilliant one. I know he will become a great adventurer one day.”

She nods. No. That’s not what…

“Well, I was completely right then! It is just as Miss Daniela says!”

“Aye, but he is still just a cub. Do not let it get to your head, Asagi. Keep moving.”

They both had me wrong. I looked up at the ceiling. Now, how was I supposed to get out of this one? A sigh escapes me as I consider what my tired mind and body would have to do.

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    • Are you saying he is bad for not getting seduced by someone he has only ever talked business with, who acts intimate with him because he might be famous and rich later in life? My honest thoughts is that he is treating her too nicely for someone so unthoughtful.

    • Probably just sees him as a little brother. But she did freak out when the Beowolf nearly got him. And said she would kill said wolf even if she had to die doing so if the wolf killed him

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