Jack of all Trades – 290


“You all know the plan, so there shouldn’t be a problem. Now, let us begin. ‘Stromdimauer.’”


He chanted. And then the river began to flood. However, the powerful magic was able to control the flow, and the water was lifted up over the slop and then split into two. And then in the blink of an eye, it had surrounded Namila Village. At the same time, Daniela and I ran towards it. The other Jades followed.


What we saw in front of was about twenty or more wooden buildings that were surrounded by water. I could sense numerous goblin presences both inside and outside of the buildings.


“The village is filled with goblins! I want two to come with me and two to go with Daniela. The rest of you stick together and fight!”


I shouted the order. Two Jade women looked towards me and so I nodded. Once I was sure they were following me, I ran behind the closest house where I knew goblins were standing.


There was a cow that had been livestock there. But it was now lying down with its stomach torn open. About five goblins were standing around it. They looked surprised as they gazed at the wall of water that had been created around them. And so I took the opportunity slash at their dumb heads with the Velnoir. Two decapitated heads flew in the air. Then the two Jades used their short sword and one-handed sword respectively to kill the other two. In the meantime, I created an Ice Sword and shoved it into the heart of the last goblin.


“You get the idea. Next!”




We were off to a good start. Like this, we would annihilate the goblins within the village. If we were quick enough, we might be able to go and help Manager’s team as well. As I was still using Presence Detection, I could sense every time a goblin’s life was snuffed out. The shock from Adlus’s wall was making things much easier for us.


Of course, that was only in the beginning. The goblins eventually returned to themselves and unsheathed their weapons. They also started to huddle in groups. It would no longer be a one-sided slaughter then. While we still had the advantage, swords would cross more than a few times before a death.




I roared with every swing of my sword. Jack of all Trades, Master of None tells me to rotate my wrists a little when I do. And like that, the Velnoir shatters the goblin’s sword and without losing momentum, cuts into the flesh. Blue blood sprays as the body rolls on the ground. This sword was amazing.



“Mister Asagi!”


The voices sounded pained and desperate as I turned around. One of the Jades was blocking to goblin sword with her one-handed sword. Next to her, the other Jade was fending off another goblin. She wouldn’t have enough time to help. My feet dug into the dirt, and then I dashed forward. Before my foot touched the ground on the first step, it was enveloped in platinum wind. Suddenly, it was as if my body lost all weight as I flew forward. Before I landed again, the three goblins ahead of me were cut into half. I swung the blood from my blade and checked to see if the other two were alright. They looked a little stunned.



“So…this is Silvergreen…”

“It’s really nothing special. Let’s go. Uh…”


It was at that point I realized that I didn’t know their names.


“I-I’m Marcel!”


“It’s nice to meet you. I’m Asagi. While this is a strange place for introductions, let’s do our best.”




They replied eagerly. Somehow, this reminded me of what it was like when we hired new people at the store. Well, you had to make a good impression as their superior. Even though I didn’t look the part, I decided to go all out.

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