Jack of all Trades – 303


I had already told them the underground area was two kilometers in diameter. And Manager was able to stretch her shadows all the way to Namila Village. And so controlling the space under the tree shouldn’t be too hard. That being said, she said that she could not use the shadows to crush each goblin one at a time. Not only would it take too long, but such precise actions depleted a lot of energy.

“Their numbers should go down like this, until only the strong ones are left.The weaker ones will be the first to be eaten. And that’s when we’ll attack.”

“Their numbers are their greatest strength, but we will turn the tables and attack… Hmm, I see.”

Daniela muttered as she thought about it. I was always happy when she approved of an idea I had after some lengthy consideration…

“But there is one problem.”


Adlus folded his arms and looked at me.

“Our food supplies are also limited. It’s been nearly two weeks since we left the Imperial Capital. Everyone brought food for themselves, but there is not much left. This waiting for the enemy to starve…it will take at least another week… What will become of us during that time? How will we feed fifty people?”

Now that was a surprise. I hadn’t been thinking about anything but killing the goblins. I felt like a bloody idiot.

“Uh. Well…”

“Asagi and I have food that we can share with you, but it still would not be enough. And the land around us has been picked clean by the goblins. I was not able to find a single beast myself.”

“Damn it…”

I was terribly embarrassed about my smug expression a moment ago. I slumped down into my chair. The others immediately started to argue over the matter.

Different opinions were given and I listened silently. But they were unable to find a solution.

“We might have to return to the city and have supplies sent to Namila Village. And then we’d have to carry them back here.”

“But who…”


Realistically speaking, Adlus’s suggestion was the only answer. Now, it was just a matter of who would go.

Well, there was clearly no one but me. I shouldered a lot of responsibility for coming up with this idea. And I was also the fastest.

“I’ll do it. I’ll go back to the Imperial Capital and have some merchant prepare supplies for us.”

“I’d be grateful…but considering the time…”

“That won’t be a problem. I can take the shortest route. Besides, if I empty the hollow bag here, I’ll be able to fit a lot more food inside.”

Well, most of it was from street stalls, so it would have to go inside of Daniela’s bracelet. But stuff like our tents and other equipment can be taken out.

“Speed will be key here. If we have time to talk now, it would be better to act.”

“Hmm… You have been doing all of the work recently. I’m sorry.”

Adlus said with a bow. I grabbed his shoulders and forced him to look at me.

“It’s fine. I want to do this.”

“…Very well. It should be done at once, then.”

And so I emptied out my bag in a corner of the tent. There was our old tent and scraps of cloth. Also, all the magic illumination tools.

“I’ll have them fill out a form when they borrow them. Also, there will be security money.”

“That’s not unnecessary. I’m sure they’ll handle them with care.”

I would not be happy if they broke, but I suppose some damage was inevitable if they were fighting. And so I was prepared to be magnanimous.

“But they’re important, are they not? Things should be handled properly.”

“Well, I’ll leave it to you then.”

“Aye, I will deal with it.”

Everything would be fine if I left it to Adlus.

I handed Daniela all the food, so now only my personal equipment was in the bag. The food disappeared and went into Daniela’s bracelet as soon as she touched it. It was impressive and never failed to bring up feelings of jealousy in me.

“So, even if we distribute the minimum amount, it will be three days at most.”

“I can’t believe you had so much food…”

“Just so you know, Daniela would have eaten most of it.”

“Be quiet, Asagi.”


Butting into Manager and Daniela’s conversation earned me a low kick. I had no idea why.

“Alright, I guess I better go…”

“Please be careful!”

“Yeah. There’s no danger, so I should be fine.”

I gave a reassuring thumbs up to Anis, who looked very worried. And like that, I was about to leave the tent, when Adlus grabbed my shoulder.

“We will repay you for this. Thank you for sharing your valuable food supplies.”

“Oh, yeah. It’s very expensive stuff, actually. I think I also deserve a bonus for the hassle?”

“You can count on it. Travel safely.”


Well, that was settled then. I stepped out of the tent and immediately used Legs of the God Wolf to step on the air and launch myself above the trees. Hmm. I felt pretty good so far. The weather was also nice. I could probably reach the Imperial Capital by sundown.

Once I arrived, I would restock on our supplies. I would have to find a trustworthy merchant to buy everything from. And in a hurry. It would be a while before I’d be able to get a good rest… But this was important. I had to show them what I could do. You can do this, Asagi.

A slapped my face to fire myself up. It was regrettably, kind of painful. Still, I continued on my route, straight to the Imperial Capital.

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  1. Hmmm~ Asagi was scouting for 5 days at the tree (i think they were taking their sweet time there) and nobody went to restock while they wait~
    Asagi was like “it was my plan so … Ore ni makasete~”

    Thanks for the chapter! ♡

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