Jack of all Trades – 306



He hadn’t witnessed my heroics. Boy, your life was not even close to being complete.

“I didn’t know that people could fly when they reached A-Rank.”

“That’s because I’m the only person who can do it. But the others are really strong as well.”

“So you’re a big deal then, Mister Asagi.”

“That’s what I’ve been saying.”

It was a ridiculous conversation, but it seemed to cheer him up, which was a relief. So, humans really did tend to think negatively when they were hungry. I was almost always hungry when in a bad mood, and food always made me feel better. Wasn’t Daniela living proof? She was an optimistic person, right?

“It’s possible that goblins might return here again. So I need you to stay here and hide. I’ll have the Adventurers use a signal. When you hear a whistle, you open the door.”

“A whistle. Got it!”

“Alright, good kid.”

I said as I tousled his hair. Before leaving, I took out a few meat skewers for him to eat, and then put on my cape again.

“Alright, stay low and keep quiet. And lock all of the doors when I’m gone.”

“Okay… I’m a little scared, but it’s my house. I’ll protect it.”

“Good. See you later then.”

I was still worried, but the sooner I left, the sooner the Jades would get here. I made sure that he had locked the doors, and hurried on my way.

When I had first looked down and saw Felz there, I was annoyed at what I was about to get involved in, but I was glad that I helped him. Of course, I never even considered leaving him. But I wasn’t thrilled about it. Save him quickly and move on. That was all I had been thinking…

“Protect the village, huh…”

He was young, but had a clear vision of what he had to do. Even if it was too big a burden for him currently. What had I been doing at that age? What had I been thinking? Would I have faced a creature that threatened my life?

“Nope… No way in hell.”

Even when I was young, I knew what it meant to die. And would have done anything to avoid it. I was still like that in a way. But I was able to acquire the power to stand up against enemies. That’s why I was able to fight now. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even be here. I was scared of just getting injured.

Once I was alone, I started to compare my past with that boy. And when I did, I found that he was better in every way.

I could not help but respect the little guy.

  □   □   □   □

I could finally see the campsite. Well, with the help of Eyes of the God Wolf, anyway. They were either guarding the area or organizing their tools. But one figure was looking in my direction. Of course, it was Daniela. Maybe I should wave.

“Welcome back, Asagi.”

“I’m back! Ah, that was damn tiring.”

Everyone gathered around me as I landed by the entrance. Marcel and Silket were there too. And so I gestured for them to come closer.

“It’s good to have you back, Mister Asagi.”

“Welcome back.”

“Hey. Things were certainly easier, thanks to you, Silket. Oh, and your father was really worried about you.”

She looked very happy when I said this. She was really close to her father.

“I’m quite fond of Mister Marcera as well. We even have similar names.”

“Now that you mention it… Well, whatever. I have a favor to ask you two.”

I wanted to ask them to take care of Felz. And when I told them about what had happened, they readily accepted.

“The quest is about protecting the village, after all. Leave it to us.”

“The three of us will be waiting in the village for your safe return.”

“Thank you. Well, I’ll have to go and ask Adlus about it, but I’m sure it will be fine. I just want you to hurry. Also, there’s a signal. You have to whistle when you reach the chief’s house. Then Felz will open the door.”


“I understand!”

They replied energetically and then returned to their tents, probably to grab their bags. In the meantime, I was going to tell the guards that the two would be leaving, but there was no one on top of the wall. Hadn’t Daniela been there?

“Ah, yes. It is my watch.”

“Then you should watch! You shouldn’t be standing here!”

“You want me to stand over there when you have only just returned? You must really hate me now.”

What…no…but it was an important job…

“Hey, you. I believe it is nearly time for you to take my place?”

Daniela said as she grabbed a random Jade. Of course, she had a threatening attitude that suggested she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“No…we just traded a minute…”

“I see. So you will take my place. Thank you.”


What a tyrant. Daniela was scary…

  □   □   □   □

I arrived at Adlus’s tent. Daniela was next to me. I secretly apologized to the guy that was forced to take her place.

I pushed open the closed flap and entered the warm tent. My eyes wandered around, searching for the source. There was something in the center that looked like a stove. A silver cylinder. There was a glass window in it and behind that was a shining red light. I suppose it was magic.

Then my eyes met Adlus, who was seated on a chair.

“That was quick.”

“Who do you think I am?”

He chuckled at my arrogant reply. We had started off on the wrong foot, but it was nice that we could make light of it now.

“So? Surely you didn’t just rush back empty-handed?”

“Now you’re just being stupid. I’ll unpack in a minute. Go and call the others.”

“Fine. Let’s go.”

Anis, who seemed to have suddenly become Adlus’s aide, answered and followed after him. I also turned on my heels and exited the tent. I regretted having to leave that warmth, but there was a job to do. Daniela regretted it even more than me, and I had to pull her out myself.

By the time we reached the center of the campsite, everyone had gathered in a circle. Now, for the long away feast. Daniela would create a wind barrier and we could enjoy a nice old barbecue.

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  1. As usual Asagis brain power proved to be in decline here, i can’t even blame a stupid kid here even though his older brother should be responsible for the kid.
    So taking 3 essential people from the party of 55-60 in order to protect a stupid child who wanted to protect something in the being protected himself to sum it up – minus 3 B ranking troops, small supply of food and delay of logistics officer, encouraging kids to be virtues is needed just the same as sanctions and scolding in order for them to grow up a be wise but hey Asagi is kinda dumb so it was expected.

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