Jack of all Trades – 309


“Hmm. Hmm. I see. There are four exits including this one.”

“Alright. Rindo, take your team of Jades and go and block off these exits. Once you return, the battle will begin.”

“Wait a minute. Two of them are heading towards us.”

Daniela stopped them as they started to walk. She nocked an arrow and unleashed it instantly. With a speed that the eye could not follow, she fired two arrows in succession. A short distance away, there were the sounds of bodies falling to the ground.

“…Alright. You can go now.”


Daniela observed that it was safe, and Adlus gave the signal. And so Manager and her team advanced silently and disappeared into the darkness.

We waited cautiously for a while until Manager and the others finally returned. From the looks of them, they had had to fight a few times. There were bloodstains on their clothes and weapons.

“We had a few close calls, but the job is done. All the exits are sealed. Earth magic is quiet useful, huh?”

“I’m honored that you think so…”

A quiet-looking man said with a hint of embarrassment as Manager turned to look at him. I rolled my eyes and looked back at Manager.

“So, you had to fight?”

“Twice. It seemed like the goblins were going out to hunt.”

They really were desperate for food then. There weren’t as many as there were before. And we hadn’t seen any walking outside. From what I could tell with Presence Detection, they were still gathered towards the center.

“Alright then. It’s time.”

The Namila Village Liberation Front. The final phase was about to begin.

And I was to be the advance guard.

I rushed through what was once the main street of the city. The Adventurers were split into teams of two, and one by one, they came out onto the street.

“Goblins up ahead!”

I had Presence Detection spread out. Whenever I detected them, I raised my voice as a warning. Then Daniela ran and unleashed her arrows.

“Rindo, to the left!”

Adlus detected a goblin coming out from the shadow of a building. Manager threw a shadow sword, splitting its head open.

Some of the Adventurers had disappeared down the alleys, and I could hear them fighting as I ran. After a while, I reached the place that would be the center of the city. More than half of the goblins were congregated here.

When I turned around, there were only about ten Jades behind me, aside from the three Rubies. The others had all scattered out.

“Ha…ha… Alright, let’s go.”

Adlus caught his breath and looked up.

In front of us, stood the largest building in this city…a tower.

It wasn’t just a building that was taller than the rest. It was in the actual shape of a tower. No one knew why such a structure was underground.

However, the top of the building nearly reached the ceiling. In fact, it joined the tangle of roots of the Nise Yggdra Tree, which kept it from falling. If anything, it was probably more secure than ever.

And I could sense that it was packed with goblins, top to bottom.

“I guess I didn’t notice it because I never looked up…”

I said as I looked up at it. I was too concentrated on not stepping on any bones or twigs while staying out of sight. And so it had escaped my notice.

“How about using fire magic to create an explosion that will tear the building down?”

“The others might get caught in it.”

Adlus rejected Daniela’s suggestion.

“Shadow Step would be difficult here.”

Manager said with a chuckle.

The Jades were holding their weapons and looked like they were eager to go in.

Well, that was a good sign. I slapped my face to fire myself up and then unsheathed my trusty blade, the Glampanzer.

And like that, we stepped foot into the tower where the goblins were devouring each other.

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    • They mean the last of the series. The unedited translations can be read on patreon and have caught up to the series finale. Don’t worry, the final chapter is like 400-something.

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