Jack of all Trades – 328


In any case, it was pretty simple. You could activate the magic tool by sending magic energy into the wind ore. There was an intake port above it that sucked in the air, which it unleashed through the exhaust ports that were under the water. That was it. And yet this guy managed to stretch it out until we lost the whole day. Needless to say, it was a lot of miscellaneous facts.

While I was grateful that Bacon went out of his way to help us, the neverending parade of useless knowledge was quite questionable. I ended up having to slam a sizable sum onto the desk in order to get him to shut up. And then we quickly put the boat away in the hollow bag and left.

Of course, it wasn’t a cheap purchase at all. And I had been expecting it. Still…five-hundred gold and eighty silver… Well, at least it came with the latest magic technology. But I felt like my perception of money was starting to get messed up recently. Damn it. This is what happens when you suddenly acquire a lot of money. This former part-timer can’t handle it…

“What are you doing, Asagi?”

“…Look, it’s not that I don’t like you. But I just need to be alone for the rest of the day.”

“And I do not exactly hate you either. And I wish I could just leave you alone. But sleeping on the floor is not good for your health.”


Jack of all Trades, Master of None had been on full blast for hours today, and it gave me a headache. And since the floor was so wonderfully cool, I had ended up lying on it and became quite immobile after that. However, Daniela was right. It would be best for me to go to bed…

“Haa… What a day.”

“And to think that the plan had initially included some shopping at the market.”

“I don’t see how it could have been any worse…”

It had resulted in us talking to Miss Karamus and extending our stay by another day. We would have to shop for supplies tomorrow and depart the next day. I told a passing guard to relay the news to Bacon. Damn it.

And it was with tired bodies that we returned to the inn and were barely in time for dinner. But I didn’t have much of an appetite by then. It was the same with Daniela, which came as quite a shock to her. I could still hear her muttering in disbelief.

Still, we managed to eat just enough to replenish our energy. It was then that the drowsiness assaulted us. But I couldn’t allow myself to sleep until I’d taken a bath first.


I frantically got out of the water before I drowned. Daniela must have been worried because she rushed to see what was happening. However, she was also taken by fatigue, and she just gave me a cool, almost dead look and then closed the door again. I could immediately tell that she hadn’t been all that worried. But you know…the love of her life was lying weakly on the ground without any clothes on. A little concern would have been nice.

Regardless, such things contributed to my current state. This had not been an enjoyable day at all…

“I’m so tired… But I’m sure things will be better tomorrow. Daniela…”

“Perhaps… I will try…mmgg…”

When I saw the side of her face as she fell asleep, I immediately wanted to follow her. And while thoughts of tomorrow still drifted in my head, I didn’t fight back. It was like sinking into a deep pit of mud.

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    • They are SO FRIED! Well, no matter what, he’s Bacon now! That local pig of the city. He really hogged all the most necessary information about the craftmaster. They wish they could have panned the whole boat lore. Bacon is going to ham it up while larding it over them tomorrow! While he’s hoofing it around town tomorrow, they’re going to hot dog it down the river as fast as they can!

      No b-oinking for them tonight!

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