Jack of all Trades – 36


Most people didn’t bother to keep them, as it was too cumbersome. But it was I who wanted to ask why more people didn’t do the same as me. They were leaving free money on the ground as far as I was concerned. Though, don’t get me wrong when I say that. I am still the type to return lost wallets to the police station. Retributive justice was my motto.

I haul the bag onto my shoulder and follow Daniela as she walks on ahead. This forest had mostly goblins, and as someone who had broken through to level thirty, they were not giving me much in the way of experience. So some pocket money was the most I could hope for. And having the hollow bag really helped. We’d kill the occasional goblins, swipe their weapons and move along.

It was now the fifth night of our travels. We were lucky enough to have found a small clearing within the forest, which we made our campsite. As this would be our last night, I splurged a little and caught myself a deer. I had hunted it during the day and so it was already cleaned and cut. I carved the meat off of one leg and dumped it into the soup. I had gotten a little ambitious and created two fires surrounded by stone this time. Here I roasted some thighs. By the way, Daniela was out scouting the area and had not seen what I was doing yet. Hehe. I could just imagine how happy she would be.

“That is amazing Asagi! It looks delicious!”

I imagine the slightly unfortunate sight of such a beauty, saliva running down her chin… I wasn’t sure if it was just me, but I was starting to feel like I had started a rapid spiral towards becoming a house-husband on this journey…

I turn over the meat just as the oil begins to sizzle and drip. It was not easy roasting such a large slab of meat over a bonfire. But I wanted the outside to be crispy with the inside still rare. It was my personal rule. Of course, I took the soup seriously as well. I didn’t cut any corners. Remove the harshness and let it simmer gently. Today’s soup also had raw meat thrown in, and it had to be cooked in a way to keep it soft. I grate some rock salt into the soup as I mix it. This was making me really want a drink. Unfortunately, we were in the forest. And we wouldn’t be able to fight if we got drunk.

But that made me think. Would cooking such a large slab of meat like this attract any monsters? Damn it, I was starting to get worried. But there was no going back now. My pride as a house-husband demanded that I finish this meal. That side of me had now completely taken over.

“Something smells very good over here.”

“Ah, Daniela. Welcome back.”

“Asagi. That looks good.”

Her eyes shone as she caught sight of the fire. Hehehe. It was just as I imagined it. It had been worth the work after all.

“By the way, Master Daniela.”

“What is it, young Asagi?”

“Should we really be cooking meat in this forest? I’m kind of worried about the smell.”

“Ahh, there is no need for worry. There were no monsters around this place.”

I see. So in other words, we would have been screwed if there had been. I better remember that…

It was about ten minutes later that I, renowned Professor of Meat, gave her my permission. I wrap the bone part in a cloth and hand it to Daniela.

“Let’s eat!”

Daniela bit into it ravenously, leaving a giant crater that was the same shape as her teeth. Her distorted expression was more than enough to tell me that it was good. I take a bite of the venison as well. Oh, yes. This taste. I give myself 100 out of 100 points.

I grab my bowl which contains the soup that is full of meat and vegetables. Using a spoon, I scoop up the meat and eat it. It’s so soft that it crumbles in your mouth… Okay, not really. But it was still soft and represented a different kind of deliciousness compared to the roasted meat. Daniela drank the soup after me. Her expression also suggested that I had received a passing grade.

And so our last supper continued. It was a most peaceful night. We stared at the fire after we had finished. Sipping hot water, we talked about our travels up until now and laughed at different memories. Hey, it had been a pleasant trip after all. If all our future journeys could be like this, I would have nothing to complain about. Such were the faint hopes I had in my heart as I gazed at the night sky. Daniela would take the first watch tonight.

I placed my empty cup on the rock I was sitting on and disappeared into the tent.

The change happened just as the three moons had passed their peak in the sky; it was the witching hour.

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  1. Hmmm…it’s still bothering me, that Asagi can only use 3 elements. Didn’t his trait give him a free pass to use anything and everything to normal degree? It should be the same with elements then. Or author already forgot the setting?

  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    I don’t mind being a house husband to Daniela. As long as I also receive the benefits too. ;P

  3. Still waiting for something to trigger that Wolf Enchantment. Full Moon? Three Full Moons?
    Or at some point will the MC start to crave raw meat due to the enchantment?

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