Jack of all Trades – 39


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We talked about inconsequential things as we continued to walk under the warm sunlight. Such a beautiful day would be perfect for just taking a nap on the fresh grass. Even Fiona had gotten off the half unicorn and was enjoying stretching her limbs.

I suddenly glance to my right and see a wild rabbit running in the grass. It stops chasing a butterfly for a second and our eyes meet. After freezing for a second, it turns around and bounds off into a hole. It was so adorable that I couldn’t help but chuckle, which Fiona reacts to by jabbing her elbow into my sides. “What’s so funny?”

I offer her a random answer before once again looking towards the high grass where the rabbit disappeared. Then the leaves begin to shake and divide as its face pops out to look at me. I elbow Fiona and point to the rabbit.


“Aha! It’s so cute.”

“Aye, it looks delicious.”


Daniela was as unfortunate as ever. Though, I was starting to find that very appealing somehow. The masked woman who I met at a street stall. We ate together, fought together and became comrades. At first, I had just been amazed at the strangeness of fate. But I began to realize more and more that she was a rare beauty. Her hair was short but smooth. Evoking the most artistic paintings whenever it moved in the wind. Her almond eyes sometimes looked very intense but they were the most expressive eyes I had ever seen. They shone brightly whenever she saw something cute, something tasty, and it never failed to bring a smile to my face.

Even now, her eyes were glimmering as she looked at the rabbit.




Daniela let out a disappointed sound. The rabbit had once again hidden itself in the grass.

The gleam of metal enters my vision. Daniela was holding her short sword. It was really quite unfortunate for such a pretty woman… Of course, the rabbit would run.


We continue our walk. There would be plenty of delicious food once we reach Spiris. It made me happy just thinking about it.

I wondered how long it would take us to reach it. Just as I am about to look up in order to check the sun’s position, our surroundings are quickly covered in shadows. Damn, the clouds had come up. The sky had been so clear a moment ago.

Perhaps it was about to rain? I look up and immediately notice that something is strange.

There was not a cloud in the sky.



“What is wrong, Asagi?”

“The sky.”


Both of them look up. I too look up and squint my eyes.


There was something huge flying in the sky.


“Whatwhatwhatwatwat is that!!!”


I say without a semblance of calmness and point at the sky. They look directly above their heads and become speechless. However, Fiona was the first to regain control and shouted.


“It’s a wyvern!! Run!!”


She got up onto her half unicorn.


“Let’s move, Daniela!”


I begin running as I call for her to follow.

But, she doesn’t move.

It is as if she were stunned.


“Daniela!? Daniela!!!”


She shudders as if finally hearing, then she looks at me. There were tears in the corners of her eyes.


“Ahh, Asagi…the dragons…”


Her hand shakes as she stretches out to me. And then it occurred to me that the memories she had told me about, the stampede must have…

Just when I realize this, the shadow around us seems to get bigger. I look up and can clearly make out the wyvern’s shape now. The sun is behind its back, but it is obvious that it is staring at us. It’s about to attack.

Daniela doesn’t move. She cannot move. For a second I hesitate. But no, I had no choice but to use it now.


I run over to her and pick her up.




I ignore her confused voice. Concentrating hard, I imagine the four-part split screen in my brain. Jack of all trades, Master of none. And at the same time, the gift that he had given.


“I’m counting on you, Beowulf…!”


I use ‘Legs of the Forest Wolf.’ Just like the picture in my head, a silver and emerald wind envelopes my legs. I lean ahead, dig my heels into the ground and dash forward. In an instant, it is as if I have left my surroundings behind me. Like I’ve suddenly appeared on an expressway. It doesn’t take more than a second to catch up with Fiona and her half unicorn.


“Hurry Fiona! Full speed toward Spiris!”

“Asagi!? You’re so fast!?”


I’m sorry. I couldn’t adjust my speed very well. I didn’t know how. I quickly pass the half unicorn. The angry force that is chasing us does not seem to want to let us go. I look over my shoulder to see Fiona riding behind me, the wyvern glides down and toward us through the sky. The half unicorn also seems to have had something stir in it, as it blows air from its nostrils and picks up speed.

I hold Daniela even tighter so that she does not fall. She clutches me back. Holding her close like this, I increase my speed in the direction of Spiris. But it still looks so far away.

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  1. There seems to be a theme when he first visits towns/cities. Can you guess what it is? That’s right. Running for his life.

  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    The bunny felt great hunger from the long eared lady and called upon the great wyvern to chase her away.

  3. Didn’t someone in the previous chapter complain about the journey being too peaceful and that a dragon should attack already?

  4. Before it’s Wolf that chase him to the town and now it’s a Wyvern that chase him to the city IoI what amusing way to enter both new town and city ahahahahaha 😀

    Maybe next time it will be a True Dragon ? that will be interesting ahahahaha 😀

    Thx for the chapter ^^

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