Jack of all Trades – 45


“I’m sure the next auction will be a massive success, thanks to that demonstration.”

“…Well, yes. The rumors will spread. I have no doubt that many people will come to see it.”

“And once that happens, the birthplace of that artifact, this store, will gain tremendous business. Don’t you think?”

“Our sales will probably go up, thanks to you…”




Both of us fall silent. I can feel drops of sweat running down my back.



“If you can lower it to sixty, I swear that I will do everything I can to buy this set of gear.”

“But sixty is far too… I understand that I owe you, but…”

“I will not back down from sixty. And I imagine they will be a harder sell once the price goes back up.”


“Why don’t you just play it safe?”

“It’s sixty.”

“Agh…! B-but, this is a business! The price may have collapsed, but I cannot let you have it for sixty!”


He wasn’t wrong. A full set of dragon armor for sixty gold pieces was pure robbery. And so I pretend to give in.


“…Very well then. I am an adventurer. I travel. I shall advertise this store in all the lands I visit. ‘This wonderful set is from a store in Spiris. The Paw Armor Shop!’”

“Tha-that is very enticing, but…!”

“Please consider what that could do for you. If you agree to this, I will pay you sixty-five gold pieces!”

“Oh, oh…”


He was probably trying to calculate his earnings and expenses and how such advertising may affect him. The clerk’s brow was covered in sweat as he closed his eyes and thought very hard. But that didn’t last too long, and his eyes opened wide as he looked at me and shouted.




I smile with satisfaction and offer my hand. He takes it and we shake on it. And so I was to attain a full set of dragon armor for sixty-five pieces of gold. Yes, it was all good.


□ □ □ □


“So, Asagi. Can you really prepare that many gold pieces?”

“Daniela, it’s not a matter of can or can’t. I will.”


We were now walking toward the guild. As we had finished negotiating, the armor would now be set aside for me on the promise that I would buy it. So the only thing left to do was to raise the money.


“That is easy to say… But how much do you have right now?”

“Uh…two gold and about sixty silvers.”

“You…what do you think you are going to do?…”


Daniela put a hand to her face and shook her head. She even sighed so I would make no mistake that she was exasperated. Oh, I’ll think of something! Maybe I had gotten a little carried away, but I was still a man of action when I needed to be. I would keep my promise. I would get that gear. I should be able to make enough money even if I had to go berserk in that forest. And it would be all the better if some orcs wandered in again.


“This is a huge city we are in. And we have proof of killing the orcs. It’ll be fine!”

“I sincerely hope so…”


Daniela said with another sigh. She was folding her arms and glaring at me.


“Hey, I’m sorry… I just got caught up in the moment. I won’t do it again.”

“Really… You are lucky to have me. Eh?”


Her expression changed a little now as she looked into my eyes.


“What, what do you mean?”

“You would be in quite the ordeal if you were alone, Asagi. But you are not alone. I am here. Together, we shall make twice as much.”



So she would help me then…! And I had been thinking of allowing her to take a long rest…


“Are you sure? It’s not really your concern.”

“We are a party. Allow me to help you.”


She smiled and slapped me on the shoulder. I suppose that this was what it was like to have a good partner… It was great. I would try not to trouble her in the future. Well then, we better hurry to the guild. There may be a good quest waiting for us!


“Thank you, Daniela! I love you!”

“Y-y-you fool! What are you saying?!”

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Translator: Woah, will this hero be the new villain? Very curious to see what’s up with that.

Also, not sure if you are reading this, but thank you Anonymous donator! Much appreciated.

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    • That ain’t gonna happen for a while methinks. It’s a slightly slow romance but them getting close as friends really feels more natural and realistic. Being friends first is the best foundation for a long relationship.

  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Yeah, curious what kind of hero is that guy. Considering the trends, he might be younger than Asagi.

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