Jack of all Trades – 49


“Damn! We have to kill it!”


The swordsman who had dealt the first blow roars in return. He picks up one of the swords that the other adventurers dropped and challenges the monster. But it seemed that it was only a matter of time before he crumbled. He was dodging the wyverns attacks by a hair’s breadth as he tried to strike at its legs. It did not look very effective. If he was somehow able to succeed, that would greatly hamper the wyverns ability to move. But that was something they could do because of the shield-bearer. Having to attack and guard at the same time was insane. The other remaining adventurers were also putting in shallow cuts with their swords, but the wyvern would not buckle. This was starting to look very…bad?


“Damn-damn-damn it!! All of you! Run!! We won’t last any longer!!”


The adventurer who carried two swords shouts. The man with the greatsword was running as he carried the wounded shield-bearer. It looked like the flow of blood had at least stopped. But the wyvern was not in a forgiving mood. It quickly found the prey that it had injured. Every other adventurer that surrounded it seemed to suddenly become invisible as it began to madly run towards them. Oh, this was very bad. There was no point in your wounds being closed if you were going to be eaten by a wyvern. What to do? I could try using “Legs of the Forest Wolf’ to help them…




The voice startles me. Did the need to hide my skill outweigh a person’s life? Sure, they should have had more than one shield-bearer, and where the hell was their healer? And this would be difficult to explain later on.


But, I had no choice really. If someone was dying in front of me, I had to help them.




Silver and emerald wind rushes around my feet as I fly in the air. I pull out my steel swords as I descend down over the wyvern’s head. My voice is raised like a battle cry just as I plunge the swords down into the wyvern. They do not pierce through, but it was enough to distract it.




I jumped again and landed right in front of it. In other words, I was now between it and the adventurers.


“What…how? You were…just…?”

“Nevermind that. Run! I won’t last long here either!”


That seemed to shake them out of being stunned, and they quickly moved away.


“You, are you trying to die!?”

“Of course not! I’m out of here as soon as you are!”

“Alright, see you in Spiris then!!”


I quickly look over my shoulder and nod.


“Yeah, catch you later!”

“You better make it! I’m Rex! And you!?”

“It’s Asagi! Now get out of here!!”


This time they run without answering me. But I didn’t have time to confirm it anyway, as I concentrated on the wyvern. It seemed to be a little confused, as I had appeared out of nowhere. But it’s suspicion did not change the fact that I was its prey. We glare at each other. My grip hardens around my swords.


“Let’s go!!”


And then the second fight begins.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter~!

    As long as he gets past the psychological barrier, that wyvern is a done deal. From Rabbit to Wyvern Slayer.

  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Is he going to have other animal powers like Bravestarr?
    He has the speed of a mythical wolf while Bravestarr has the speed of a puma and the hearing of a wolf (along with strength of a bear and eyesight of a hawk).

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