Jack of all Trades – 52


“Are you on a lunch break as well?”

“What? Don’t you have anything better to do? Like, coming to see me for instance.”

“Hmm? Were we not to meet tomorrow? What happened to your camping trip?”


Eh? Something was not quite right here.


“You didn’t get the message from the guards?”

“Guards? Did you get into any trouble?”


Ah, clearly she hadn’t heard. But why? Was there some misunderstanding?


“Oh, the message must be late. I got summoned to the guild, so I’ll tell you on the way there. Also, give me one of those skewers.”

“If you insist…but just one.”

“Thank…hey, don’t give me your leftovers.”



She was not one to suffer any losses when it came to food… I sigh and bite into what was left on the stick. Well, the Professor of Street Stalls at least had impeccable tastes.


“…Damn it. You really are reckless. So that is why you look like that.”

“Yeah… I seriously thought I was going to die.”

“You would have, normally.”


I told her the story as we walked towards the guild house. Daniela’s glare was as sharp as a dagger, and I felt like it would deal me a mortal wound at any moment. But she did not seem like she would forgive me any time soon.


“And so I explained everything to Harold at the western gate. I knew I would pass out at any moment, so I asked that you be sent a message to come for me.”

“I see. I was not at the inn, as I left early in the morning. And I have not returned today. That was probably why I did not receive the message.”


The message must have stopped at Joshua then. I would have to explain things to him when I returned.

The time quickly flew by as we talked, and before we knew it we had arrived at the guild house. My new battlefield. The door opens with a loud creak, and I am immediately overwhelmed by numerous eyes pointing in my direction. Uncertain eyes. Excited eyes. Suspicious eyes. Angry eyes. And then the person with the most passionate of all looks walked up towards me.


“Asagi! You bastard, you came back alive!”

“Rex. As you can see, I am quite battered.”

“But you should really be dead! Ahh, but this good!”


He began to rapidly slap me on the shoulder. I could see that he was very pleased that I had survived, but I had to stop him from hurting me. Once he was calm, I introduced him to Daniela.


“Daniela. I hear that you have helped my Asagi here.”

“It’s Rex! No, it is us who owe him. Danny is safe. Though, it sure cost us!”


He said as he made a circle with his thumb and forefinger. So they were able to treat that wound. I guess it couldn’t be helped that it was expensive. But it was a huge relief.


“We are in the red because of Danny’s medical fees, but you can’t go adventuring if you’re dead. We will just have to work harder and improve our cooperation.”

“In the red…”


Hearing this, I ask Rex something that had been on my mind.


“Rex, could you split the reward money for the wyvern among your party?”

“Eh?! Asagi, you are the one who killed it! We ran from it with our tails between our legs. There is no question that you must take it!”


Rex seemed a little indignant by this, as he folded his arms and looked away.


“No, we all defeated the wyvern together. I was just in charge of the endgame.”

“You, that would hardly…”

“It was you and the others who destroyed the wings and exhausted it. I dealt the final blow in its haggard face. Is that not right?”

“Well, in a way… But, Asagi, are you sure?”


He looked at me very seriously. I looked back to show that I was serious as well, and nodded. Because this was what I believed to be the best outcome. There was no way that I could take all the reward when they had beaten it down to that point. Rex seemed to have seen that I would not back down on this, and let out a deep sigh.


“We all misjudged the wyvern’s strength, and it led to that…and yet you…”


What?… He glared at me with confusion. Then Daniela came in from the side and put an arm around my shoulder.


“This is just what Asagi is like. Soft-hearted and stubborn. But he is still a good one.”

“Hahaha! Ain’t that the truth! Ah, well. You have my thanks, Asagi!”


What was it with these two… It was slightly embarrassing. I mumbled something random in reply.

We talked a little after this until a guild worker walked up to us. Oh, I had completely forgotten about that business…


“I am sorry to interrupt your conversation. Asagi, the guild master is calling you. Please come with me.”


Here we go… I nod and say goodbye to Rex before heading towards the back of the guild with Daniela. We passed a hallway and went through an office-like room before stopping at a large door. The guild worker knocked.


“I have brought Asagi and his partner, Daniela with me.”



There was a short reply and then the guild worker opened the doors. We entered inside, and the first thing I saw was a large person with intense red hair sitting behind a desk. So, was this the guild master?


“Welcome, to the Spiris Adventurers Guild. I am guild master Bordow. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    People got to learn not to slap a walking wounded on the back, even if it’s to congratulate them!
    It hurts I tell you. Especially if your back or waist was already in pain.

  2. Thanks for the chapter~!

    Got out of getting scolded by his waifu by reason of self-explanation. Good for you Asagi. But there will be a next time…

  3. Did fiona still around till this chapter? read up to ch 40 ,and really aannnooooyyyeeeddd when that girl show up again!!, but Novelupdates say thata this isnt harem and i read this couse of that, and i hope itll never be one. !
    Hope shell never showing up in the future chapter. or worse, hope theres no other character like that one in the future!

    and thanks for translating 🙂

  4. Asagi probably got out of being scolded by his waifu because the author didn’t see or want to use that opportunity. What would be interesting is whether or not, or how often, the author reads the WN comments at the original story site, and then uses those comments to change the content of the light novel version of the story. Of course we won’t know unless someone does a comparison between the WN and LN chapters for differences and then checks those differences against the corresponding comments by WN readers.

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