Jack of all Trades – 62


“What do you think? They are a little far…”

“We should rely on your speed then. Make a mad dash and kill them instantly. I will deal with any who might manage to escape you.”


Master Daniela decided that I would charge into them. But she also promised to clean up any mess I might make of it, so I wasn’t about to complain. I unsheath my sword. Today I would be using a familiar weapon, my original iron sword. The steel one had broken, and the ancient elven sword was too advance for me. I did stop by a weapons shops, but they were out of stock at the moment. It would take a whole week for the materials to arrive, and then another to craft the sword. In other words, I would have to wait two weeks to get another steel sword. So I didn’t order one. Surely kobolds didn’t require anything better, and I could always just buy a new one if it breaks… In any case, I would be fighting with this iron sword for a while. However, if this sword broke on me now, I would be forced to become a cheat swordsman, so I had to be careful.


“Are you ready then?”

“Yeah, whenever you are.”

“Good…go get them!”


I felt the slap on my butt as I dug my heels into the dirt and rushed forward as fast as I could. The enchantments on my armor all activated, and I ran at a speed that far surpassed what I had been capable of in the leather armor set. Within a blink, I had closed in on them. I clutched the pommel in a reverse grip and swung backward while taking off a kobolds head.


“Call it the Asagi Strash!”


This was a special move that was popular when I was a kid. I had been waiting for a moment to unleash it for years. And now was the time. However, there was no time to bask in the glory of the moment. Another kobold looks up in surprise, just in time for me to change my grip and hack it down. Now the others know of the ambush. One screams and picks up its club to strike me with, but I take a quick backstep and avoid the hit. In the next instant, a soundless arrow glides through the air. It enters the left side of the other kobolds head and comes out the other side. Impressive, Daniela.

The last kobold comes at me as it waves its club. I block it several times with my sword, checking my own movements. The armor was made mostly of ice dragon leather, but it also had scales and darksteel. It was the first time I was fighting in armor that included metal. And I wanted to see how the extra weight affected me. The kobold’s club seemed to have been made of carved stone. I block each blow carefully, and occasionally try catching it with my gauntlets. There is a deep vibration from the impact, but no pain. And no injury at all. I could really feel now, that I had made a good purchase.

I would test the durability of the leg guards next. I swung high to push the club over the kobold’s head, as it stood staggered for a second, I quickly slammed my shin into its dog head. Judging by the results, I had no issues with the leg guards. The kobold might have had an issue though, as he went flying backward. I was almost repulsed by how effective it was.


“My, my. Those really are something…”


Daniela says as she approaches me. She had her bow leaning on her shoulder and she immediately offered her fist for our ritual bumping.


“Good work, Daniela.”

“You too. Now then, we should take the proof of our efforts.”


Daniela pulled out her short sword and hacked off a kobold’s left hand. I see. This rather distinct four-fingered hand was the proof. And so I started to cut off another hand and we stuffed them in a leather bag.


“Eh…guess that’s it then.”

“They were not much, were they?”

“To be honest, they were nothing. Though, perhaps part of that was due to this armor. I need to fight in this a little more.”

“Hehe. Were you always so studious, Asagi?”

“I’m immune to flattery.”


We talked lightheartedly as we prepared to leave again. Presence Detection was informing me that there were more kobolds a little ways ahead. Daniela walked in front, as she was holding the lantern, and I followed her. I gazed absentmindedly at Daniela’s butt as it swayed in the backlight. We were now walking even deeper into the tunnels.

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  1. I see now that Asagui has indeed gotten stronguer I mean if he has the time to ogle her ass, in a dar cave full of enemy mosnter, he must be reaching a great heigh in proficency.

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