Jack of all Trades – 66




A monstrous blow caught me in the back and I was blown off of my feet. I rolled clumsily on the ground, trying to regain my footing, but then another blow came, throwing me violently back in the direction that we had come.




I felt a rising urge to vomit that I had to try hard to repress. But there was no strength in my legs now. Even if my armor was good, it couldn’t stop the damage on me internally. I shook my head to try and regain clarity after having been rattled. Just as my eyes were starting to focus again, I saw that the assault kobold was swinging its arm down at me. Its elongated claws were clearly visible. Damn, I would not be able to protect myself in time!!





Even if it was pointless, my arms went up to cover my face.




I saw the assault kobold howl behind my arms. His attack never came. I cautiously dropped my arms and saw a very familiar butt right in front of my eyes.


“How are you holding up, Asagi!”



Daniela stood between me and the assault kobold, her sword held in front of her. The assault kobold was now holding the arm that it had swung and glared at Daniela with immense hatred.


“Scoundrellll! …You, you have taken my arm…!!”


I looked at his arm and saw that there was now nothing passed the elbow. What I suspected was his arm now lay between them on the ground.


“I only placed my sword in its path. Was it not you who came to cut through someone?”

“GGGRRRR…I will never forgive you!!!”


The assault kobold seemed to vanish yet again. This was the speed at which he could move! Now that I knew that he would attack from behind, I created a wall of ice behind my back. I even poured some extra magic into it for durability. Then, BAM! The sound and vibrations came from behind me. Damn, he was an idiot.

If he couldn’t do it from the back, then how about the sides? I pulled Daniela next to me and created walls of ice on our left and right. Just as they were finished, the kobold slammed into the right side wall. I pulled Daniela even closer into me and activated ‘Legs of the Forest Wolf.’ Even in such a time, Master Daniela’s cheeks flushed a little, but I had to ignore it for now. I would give her lots of attention later.

And so we then dodged the expected attack from the front by jumping upwards. With ‘Legs of the Forest Wolf,’ I could jump up to the ceiling even while carrying Daniela. We stayed suspended up there over the roof of the ice chamber I had created, just in time to see the black shadow jump inside.


“Let’s go! Follow my lead!”

“Aye! We have this!”


The assault kobold inside of the ice chamber now realized that we were not inside, it looks up frantically and sees us. But it was too late. Much too late. He should have run the moment that his attack failed. We point our swords at him.




We both shouted together as we flew down from the ceiling and towards the grounds.

With ‘Legs of the Forest Wolf’ at full throttle, our attack was boosted as it came down like a comet. The assault kobold had no chance of escaping us, and in an instant, its chest was pierced by our blades. The walls of ice shattered from the impact.




The assault kobold fell to its knees as it spat out dark red bursts of blood. I pulled my sword out from its chest.


“It was a good fight…but we’ve won.”

“Damn…humans…to lose against…humans…”

“Don’t underestimate us.”


We looked down as the kobold was breathing his last breaths. There was no need to prolong this. I raised my sword.


“Kkk…haaa…my…country…it will end as a…dream…ahhh…my country…”

“Sleep in peace.”


I swung down and removed the assault kobold’s head from its body.


“And now it is finished…”

“Aye, we have done it.”

“Yes…thank god.”


It was all over. We had killed the king…of this kobold kingdom in the mines. When realization came, it was accompanied with a heavy sense of fatigue. The side of my stomach also hurt. But there were things to do.


“His nails and hide…also fangs. We should take them. Something from him should serve a purpose for his efforts.”

“You are right…but you rest, Asagi. I will do it.”



I dragged my tired body away and picked up the lantern that we had left near the entrance. After lighting it with a small flame, I returned to Daniela and sat down. There were clean cloths stored inside of the hollow bag which I used to tightly wrap around my waist where the wound had been made. Now that was finally taken care of. In front of me, Daniela worked quickly in spite of being tired as well. She had the assault kobold skinned in no time and also pulled out its claws by the roots. These materials would probably be used for weapons and armor. The kobold king would be allowed to travel and see the world like this in a way. I imagined such things, as my consciousness suddenly began to fade in a pit of darkness.

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  1. I’m sure he’ll be grateful, being used as fighting power by those he hated. Geez. Well I guess if you don’t do some mental gymnastics, it’s hard to be at ease skinning a sentient, if malicious, creature.

    • What did you expect, he’s just a kobold sub species afterall.. but I won’t say anything about goblin and slime tho. Because some goblin already become vajra

    • I’m afraid with the new stuff and his blessing it’s natural to want some action and farming till we get back to some real stats. Also Beowulf is probably somewhere out there searching for high level fighters too.

  2. Thanks for the chapter, is good to see Asagi having his priorotys straigh, of course he will show Daniela some loving after guetting out alive, thats his duty!!!!!!!!!!

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