Jack of all Trades – 66

The True Lord

“It was hard to tell in the darkness, but it looks like there is an entrance over in the corner over there…”


It was the far corner of the dome. There was a hole under the shadow where the rock walls protruded. It was about the same size as the hole that we had come through. Judging by the direction that the presence seemed to be coming, it would probably appear from that hole.


“Hmm…It is very fast. We will not have any time to lay traps.”


We both unsheathed our swords and took the position. It was now in view.


“Here it comes!”



I launched a fireball as a flare. And then a black shadow leaped out from the shadows of the hole.


“I thought things had gotten clamorous in here. Ah, so it is humans.”


A large kobold who was covered in thick black hair and armor had appeared. Its arms were folded as it spoke.


“What business do you have in my domain?”

“Your domain?”


I parroted it in response. Was this abandoned mine his domain?


“This is my Kobold Kingdom. And I am the king. An assault kobold.”

“So you’re an assault kobold after all…what do you think, Daniela?”

“He has no opening. And our attacks won’t reach him from here.”


We whispered to each other while we stared hard at the assault kobold. This guy was clearly confident in his speed, we would be killed in an instant if we let our guards down.


“So? And what are you two?”

“We are Adventurers.”

“And what business do you Adventurers have here?”

“We’ve determined that there is a risk of a stampede. And we intend to prevent it in advance.”


I answer simply. The assault kobold glares at us at it slowly unfolds its arms and mutters. There was anger in its voice.


“Ahh, humans… And I was just thinking about striking the surface soon. And here you are, to try and stop me!!”


GGGWARGH!!! The assault kobold howled and immediately began to dash forward.


“He’s coming, Asagi!”

“Yeah, I’ll make him regret this!!”


Daniela and I moved towards opposite directions in order to attack from both sides. It seemed like the assault kobold was going to fight with its bare hands. One of its arms shot down towards me, which I dodged by jumping into the air. Now that I was behind him, I moved to slash down on his back with the ancient elven sword, but then a sudden pain shot through the side of my stomach.


“Gggaah! What!?”


My face contorted with pain as I moved away and looked down at my waist. There were four slashes there, and I could see that it had gone through my skin. Damn it…! My clothes were normal and so they offered no protection! And where had it been hiding its weapons!?




Daniela shouted as she charged with her sword.


“Oh, this scratch is nothing!”




The assault kobold’s arm went up again before swinging down with tremendous force. Daniela somehow managed to block the attack with her sword, and she snarled. My eyes widened when I saw the arm that was now still.


“The claws!!”


The assault kobold must have heard me, as it turned around and smiled. Yes, the ends of his fingers had thin and long nails. His nails had not been so long when his arms were folded. He must be able to elongate them at will. That is how he caught me in the stomach…!


“These claws are not my only weapon!”


The kobold said as he unleashed a kick into Daniela. She blocked it with her gauntlets, but could not stop being thrown against the wall behind her. Now it turned around to face me. I had already generated a second sword of ice now, and I slashed at him. The kobold didn’t block, instead, he dodged my attacks and came back with his claws, which I blocked with the swords.

After several blows had been repeated, the kobold let out a groan.


“Grr… You fight well for a human…!”

“Don’t underestimate me!”

“Oh, I am not! I will fight you with everything that I have!”


And in the next instant, the kobold seemed to vanish.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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