Jack of all Trades – 8


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Name: Asagi Kamiyashiro

Race: Human

Job: Traveler

LV: 3

HP: 120/120

MP: 50/50

STR: 40  VIT: 30

AGI: 150  DEX: 70

INT: 30  LUK: 10

Skills: Jack of all trades, master of none

Magic: None

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

So those were my stats. My AGI seemed strangely high… I had a feeling that my running and walking speed had gone up, was this the reason for it…? Even when the forest wolves were chasing me, when all was said and done, they never caught up. Also, there was no magic. I’m crushed.

“Your AGI is extremely high, huh.”

The receptionist said cooly as she looked at my stats.

As we inspected it together, I heard someone burst into laughter at the bar.

“Only his AGI is high…cckk…ckk… He’s a rabbit after all…”

“Hey…be nice….Puwahahh…”

What an annoying bunch. What was Gardo even doing?

“Hey, you two… Don’t go around mocking a man’s status like that…”

So he was keeping them in check. I could see that Ness was sitting rather sullenly next to him. What happened to him? Had he been scolded by Gardo?

“Well, uh, let’s leave that stats for now. What’s more interesting is this skill…I think.”

I’ve been wondering about it too.

“This skill… It’s a unique skill.”

Just as she said this, everyone at the bar scrambled over to us as if rolling from their chairs. They reeked of alcohol!

“A unique skill!?”

“For the Black Rabbit!?”

“Hey, all you! It’s against regulation to look at someone’s skills without consent!!”

Gardo was shouting something in the back, but the crowd had no intention of pulling back now.

“Skill… ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’?”

“Huh? ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’?”

The room suddenly fell silent. What? What, was this in impressive skill?

Nope, that was not the case.

“Ahahahahaha! Jack of all trades, master of none!! I’m sure you hit the jackpot with such a name!”

“Ahahah! I’m finished! My stomach is about to burst!”

“Jack of all trades, master of none!! You can do anything, but you can’t do anything! Bwahahahaha!!”

“That’s amazing, Black Rabbit! You should be both the advanced guard and the rearguard!!”

I was surrounded by an unending storm of laughter. I could see Gardo and Ness standing back, in the corner of my vision, looking bewildered. Shit, they weren’t going to be any help…

What did I do to deserve this? Isn’t this just a little harsh?

Being stabbed by a thief, thrown out into the plains, attacked by a goblin, eating wolf meat and sleeping in trees, being chased by a whole pack of wolves, only to have the first town I run into ridicule me like this…

I felt quite discouraged for the first time in a while. My heart was getting colder by the minute. I wanted to get out of here. I silently reached for the pen on the counter and stabbed it into the flat of my palm.


The receptionist asked in surprise. I allowed the blood to drip onto the status card and then raised my head.

“Is that alright then?”

“Uh, what…?”

“The registration.”

“Oh, yes… It’s complete…”

The status card was now registered to me. But for the present, I wanted nothing more than to leave this place.



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  1. Thanks for the chappie!

    Oh wow, quite the high AGI he has there. Kinda hoping he has magic, but I guess it’s only because he never saw one before that he can’t use it now. We can assume that his skill, Jack of All Trades, means he can utilize anything to almost mastery level but will never master them, looking back to the previous cases and all.

    Also, nice new look!

    • You mean master of all, Jack of none? Or were you purposefully not saying that because of the rr novel. Also master of all, Jack of all is a contradiction.

  2. But since he’s Jack of All Trades, let’s just say that world has element system for magic, then he’ll definitely can use all elements. And besidesm we know more than anhone even if he can’t master in anything, he still can’t be looked down on. After all, we already have a Jack of All Trades example, which is Kazuma

  3. I’m of the opinion he’ll be able to reach say, rank 9 in everything he chooses to do, but he can never max it out to 10. So he’ll never be able to utilize the top level skills or spells, but he will at least be able to use the next highest, and from any skill tree.

    That being said, it’s nice to see a reincarnated protagonist who isn’t broken OP straight off the bat, and has a skill that inhibits final mastery.

      • On the last page you called it “advance guard” but on this page you call it “advanced guard.” According to Wikipedia’s Vanguard article, the correct alternative term is “advance guard.”

        Hi! I’m back. I don’t know if you remember me, but I finally got well enough to start reading things without pictures every page again. I’m also still fuzzy-headed enough that rereading things is a lot of fun so I’m just starting over. Thanks for all your hard work which I’m re-re-re-appreciating! Yay, you!

        I’m almost strong enough to go get a new medication which might help me stop being bed bound which I will enjoy. I’m also trying to get a mobility device which will help a lot.

        I wish you and yours well.

    • Because it is as bad as it sound. I will never pick a game character that cannot reach mastery in any class. I think this novel is somewhat like “Slow Life Frontier” where MC can only learn common skill?

  4. Yes! An adult protagonist for a change, finally a story that doesn’t depend on a kid being far more superior that any adult around.
    Ahh this is so refreshing, I love this story more and more.

  5. Well, being adult doesn’t mean to be perfect. Just look at the latest generation of certain activists… They’re dumb as f*** despite being adults~

    Nice novel so far, i wonder where it’s heading to, the “Master of none”-line is quite interesting as well, to be honest. I mean they are gods words after all… kinda absolute, yet can be interpreted differently.

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