Jack of all Trades – 85


As it was midday, we made a short return to the Leaves in Sunlight inn in order to enjoy some forest food before moving on to the weapon shop. We could have just went directly to the weapon shop, but I didn’t feel like eating anywhere else after having tasted that food. Except for that one place with the handsome chef. Not that this was in any way, an informed opinion.

Because really, it was more that this town was so difficult to navigate. Even the weapons store we were headed in was at the edge of the town. It was located on the exact opposite side as the shoe store, and the Leaves in Sunlight inn just happened to be on the way.

New shoes often gave you blisters, but I wasn’t having such problems so far. He couldn’t have hated me enough for the shoes to hold a grudge. And the AGI boost…

“Hey, Daniela.”


“Do you remember that double AGI shirt from Spiris?”

“Ahh, the one used to advertise the store.”

You could say that.

“Yeah, that one. Do you think it really gave you double AGI?”

“…What do you mean?”

It was something that I had been thinking about for a while.

“My stats have gone up since then. I think probably double of what I had during that time.”

“Yes, that is right.”

It is. I believe I was over 300 at that point. I am over 600 now. I had only checked after leaving Spiris, so it wasn’t exact, but it should be close to double.

During that demonstration, I had moved so fast that it had looked as if I had disappeared. That was with just a little magic flowing into my clothes. I could practically disappear now if I used ‘Legs of the Forest Wolf’ to its fullest. But it was hard to believe the same thing could be achieved with one shirt. AGI type boosts affected your physical abilities. It didn’t affect skills.

“Was it really double? Was it even an enchantment that affected AGI in the first place?”

“So you believe that it was a different enchantment, but it was cleverly disguised?”

“Well, I do now. That speed was very similar to the speed of Legs of the Forest Wolf.”

As I’ve said, I know what it’s like to use Legs of the Forest Wolf to the fullest. It was when I was running through the plains. I was fast enough that the wind was able to shred the grass.

But I still disappeared. It used up a lot of magic too. It was a lot more magic then what I had used with the shirt.

“‘Legs of the Forest Wolf.’ What even is it? Is it really just a unique skill?”

“Would it not be an enchantment? Seeing as it is magic that was granted by a monster. By Beowulf.”

“So, this is some kind of status abnormality.”

“I do not know. It has no precedent as far as I know.”

“Yeah. There isn’t. Do you think that maybe some monsters have cast enchantments on clothes then?”

This was what I was thinking. Some abnormally evolved being, like Beowulf, had enchanted some clothes with a skill and put it on the market. He had said that it was achieved by multiple AGI boosts, but that didn’t seem likely. Nick had also said that he worked with an enchanter…but was that enchanter really human?

“The mystery deepens, eh?”

“While I’ve gotten used to it, that was the speed I could achieve by using Beowulf’s skill to the fullest. There is something fishy about being able to match that with just a little magic. This enchanter that Nick talked about must be amazing.”

“A human or monster with power that exceeds Beowulf. That’s a bear you may want to be wary of accidentally poking.”

I agree. I would figure this out the next time we returned to Spiris, or if I ever happen to hear any rumors about this enchanter.

Now, we’ve arrived at our destination. The Kasil Arms Shop. This town’s weapon store. As I opened the door, I prayed that this one wouldn’t be run by an annoying little shit.

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    • Yes, this is customer support, how can I help you?
      This gear tried to eat me, when I ran some magic through it!
      That sounds terrible sir, I hope you were able to extricate yourself safely.
      Yeah, I was barely able to tear it off, before it could do more than singe my skin, and I’ve sealed it all in a block of ice.
      I hope you don’t mean that literally sir, as I see from your account, you didn’t pay for the extended coverage, and your basic warranty doesn’t cover any damage you have caused directly, such as physical tearing at the stitching, or bathing the item in your own attack magic.
      What!? Are you saying I should have let a pair of boots kill me?!
      No sir, I am not implying that you should have allowed yourself to be injured. I am merely pointing out that there might have been less drastic alternatives, such as turning the flow of magic power off, then on again, or making an offering of blood to the cursed item, in order to appease the angry spirit. Though I must warn you that the manufacturer is not liable for damage done to the product by dripping caustic materials, or magically conductive liquids, that may interfere with the magical effects of the product, nor are they responsible for any consequences that may come out from using our products to contact ethereal entities.

  1. Asagi somehow manages to be simultaneously one of the stupidest otherworld protagonists while also at the same time being one of the more competent otherworld protagonists.

    He fails to make some realistic connections with normal fantasy tropes and gets pissed about it, but then he goes and manages a stable relationship, properly attempts to maintain his equipment and training, and so on.

    • I think that’s the entire point, maybe. He fails to hit the overdone tropes but manages to do everything that most fantasy isekai protags absolutely fail to do at all. Almost feels like the author-san is subtly making fun of those tropes while inserting proper common sense to replace the usual absurd uncommon sense of most isekais

      • I feel it’s the opposite; the author is poking fun at both ends of the stereotypical isekai/reincarnated protags. Asagi takes from the worst of both in many respects; he’s more proactive in relationships than dense protags, but he’s also more indecisive and cowardly than other protags who take initiative, even if said initiative is forcing more Japanese-strong ideology on others.

        Heck, even his main skill is Jack of All Trades, which pokes fun at overpowered MCs by making him flexible, but just not able to reach the final level/tier, but also worse than MCs who start out weak and become strong. He’ll end up plateauing at a point.

        I also disagree with common sense; Asagi still responds with the same extreme nativity of a typical Japanese mindset even when doing so could cost him his life (and it would have had he not already gotten some cheat abilities). He’s still worse than other “realist” MCs who are willing to discard enough of that pacifistic mindset just enough to do what is necessary to survive. The maid MC from “Maid Will Go Through Thick and Thin” and even some of her teammates set aside the pacifistic side of their mindsets enough to deal with the setting of the world they were summoned to, without suddenly losing their personality or Japanese mentality.

  2. It is. I believe I was over 300 at that point. I was over 600 now.
    It is. I believe I was over 300 at that point. I AM over 600 now.
    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. I wish the author wasn’t so vague on the world building especially on the magic stuff we still don’t know what all the elements are. And how many elements do mages typically have. Also I’m wondering about how rare are adventurers with a magic attack skill and how much the MC really needs to hide it.

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