Jack of all Trades – 87


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Damn it, that Asagi. He had some nerve abandoning me completely in order to choose some weapon. I suppose that was how it feels to be invisible. I am hurt. This was cause to find something to eat. To heal my heart and satisfy my stomach.


And so I walked down Valdorf’s main street. The inns that lined the streets discharged throngs of tourists and Adventurers. They were probably going on walks after having eaten breakfast. But I was different. I was on my way to a second breakfast. You might call it a journey of healing.

I searched for such a beautiful place, but all I could find were inns. It irritated me greatly, but then I remembered that this was a post town. This frustration was not helping my healing process at all. Asagi had a lot to answer for. I was always in a good mood, as long as I had his attention… Damn it, perhaps I really should have gone to his room last night. I passed by the information center as I walked, but I felt like relying on it would be an admission of defeat, so I continued on.


Everywhere I looked, it was inns. So I decided to gamble a little. I made random turns and entered alleys. If there was a dead end, I would use wind magic to jump over it and continue walking on the other side. And after walking like this for some time, an appetizing smell finally reached my nose. Finally! And then I search for the origin of this smell while relying on the detection abilities of my nose.

I made several more turns and came out into a market area. It was not the same one I had entered yesterday with Asagi. It was filled with much more tourists. People walked around carrying a variety of things that looked like gifts. There must be a lot of stores selling novelty items here. But the smell that I had discovered was coming from here. And so it must be here. I concentrated all of my heart and soul into the tip of my nose as I started to walk again.


There was a store with a sign. Tree Stump Arbor. So this was the promised land that my senses were leading me to. The rich smells made my nose feel numb. This was it. This was surely a place that could heal my aching heart. There was nothing to do but enter once you have decided. A woman should be quiet and move forward.


“Customer? Take a seat.”


I was not the warmest person in the world, but I would like to think I was not as bad as this man.

It was not my style to act arrogant just because I was a customer, but I could not help but feel that he could be nicer. I take a seat and look at the menu. Hmm, these dishes had some fancy names. These places may excel in taste, but their portions were always too small. Who knows what kind of foolish way they would serve the food. They were bound to give a portion that was no larger than a goblin’s hand, and then ask for fifty gold pieces. In that case, I should keep that in mind when ordering. I have the money. There was still quite a lot from the reward for stopping the stampede and selling the materials gained in the mines.


“Here is my order. Venison Steak. Sauteed Boar with Wild Vegetables. And Today’s Soup Set. Also two Berulu Nectar Ice Creams for dessert.”

“You sure about that? I’ll have you pay extra if you can’t eat all of it. Food isn’t for free.”

“Do not underestimate me. I always eat what is set in front of me. I consider it a matter of courtesy.”

“Hmph…you understand then. Very well. You won’t be disappointed with this meal.”


Hmm, he was not as terrible as I thought. Well, his attitude was, but he knew his craft. Those who make food and those who eat it. It is when these two can understand each other, that true happiness is born.

I had come here to heal and to feel happy. Now, let us see if he can satisfy me!


On this day, I learned just what happiness was. And I also learned, that in order to know true happiness, Asagi had to be there. My heart felt completely whole now, as if it were reborn. It was calling for him. Asagi, I am coming for you. I just need some time to allow this food to digest. I was a little shocked at the amount of food that was served. But I will go as soon as I am able. Just wait. Uhghhu…


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“A greatsword? Don’t you fight with a single-handed sword?”

“I want to switch it up. My goal is to be an expert with any weapon.”

“It is those kinds of people that end up as a ‘jack of all trades and master of none.’ I think you are better off trying to master the single-handed sword alone.”

“And what is wrong with being a jack of all trades! With enough time, I could be a master of all! I do want to use a single-handed sword, but I want to master the greatsword too!”

“What the hell is a ‘master of all’? Bah, fine! If you want a greatsword, I’ll bring you the best one we got!”


So saying, Kasil moved away from the counter and disappeared behind the rows of shelves. I was never amused by anyone insulting the idea of being a ‘jack of all trades and master of none,’ though the sudden inspiration of saying ‘master of all’ had me grinning.


“What’s up with you?…creep…”

“Ah! Cough. Cough. …So, the greatsword?”

“Don’t think you can fool me… But here it is, the best greatsword I have. Its name is Schwarz Tempest.”


Was that like a black storm? I don’t know if it was because this was another world, but things seemed a little mixed up…


“This sword was carved from the fossilized bones of an ancient monster known as a tempest whale. These bones have been soaked with magic that is such a dark blue, that it is nearly black… It’s potential in attack power is something great.”

“Dark blue…then it should suit me pretty well.”

“Is that right? Then maybe it is fate… This sword, it was made by my master, before he died.”


Kasil said a little somberly as he looked at the blade.


“My master did not have the red colored magic that was considered vital for a blacksmith. What magic he carried was dark blue. Everyone mocked him for it, but he did not give up on smithing. And he eventually became one of the greatest blacksmiths in the empire. Impressive, eh?”

“Yes. I can’t imagine how much effort that must have taken.”

“Indeed. It was a lot of sweat and blood. I tried many times to pull him away, but he never stopped working. And this was the last sword that he made. They say that your soul will reside in the last sword that you made. And these tempest whale bones must have flowed through many sellers before they reached this place. And my master put his soul into it. This is the best sword that you could buy.”


I looked away from him and turned to the dark blue greatsword. Schwarz Tempest.

This great sword had a faint aura that was dark blue, like the vast sea or great sky.


“Asagi, I am entrusting you with this sword. This may be what fate wants. Take it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course, I am! Now, I’m beginning to want to make a sword to surpass this one. Farewell!”


He wiped at the area below his nose before vaulting over the counter and disappearing in the back. I bowed and strapped Schwarz Tempest to my back and left the store. The soul of a passionate man was on my back. I would have to live in a way that would not bring shame to it.

Now, it was time to butter up Daniela and see how she was doing. Men should be quiet and kiss ass.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter, really fun as always. ‘Men should be quiet and kiss ass.’ Asagi those are sage words you just said, you are a wise husband.

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