Makai Hongi – 20


When the festival preparations were finally finished, I was able to take it easy.

I had also finished going around the village and greeted everyone I knew.


That meant I could relax until the festival started.


(Still…While I’m glad that I have more mana now, my troubles seemed to have increased as well.)


Everyone in the Demon World had the Orb of Control inside of them.

And the person who was at the top of the country they lived in…in other words, the king, controlled them through it.


This affected everyone that lived in the country. There were no exceptions.

Through the Orb of Control, you were offering some of your power.


However, it wasn’t as if it went directly to the king.

If that were the case, only the king would become stronger, and everyone else would remain weak.


As the power could move through bodies four times, there was no way that you wouldn’t utilize that.


In my case, I was receiving a small amount of power from the ogres of all six villages.

And some of my power was then given to Corps Commander Nehyor.


Corps Commander Nehyor then gave some of his power to General Farneze. And General Farneze’s power was then offered to Lesser Demon King Melvis.

It was a pyramid of power.


“Commander. Someone has arrived from the village ‘behind the mountain.’ Apparently, people who aren’t under anyone’s control have appeared nearby.”

“…Are you serious? Negotiate and tell them that they may come to me if they will accept being under my control.”


Anyone who was in this country and wasn’t under Lesser Demon King Melvis’s control would stick out a lot.

The Orb of Control gave you a good idea if someone was on your side or not.


Of course, it didn’t tell you anything more specific than that, but it was still quite important.

After all, it meant that spies could not hide. And it also meant there was less chance of you accidentally attacking fellow soldiers on the battlefield.


As for these uncontrolled strangers that the report spoke of.

Such people were on the rise in this post-apocalyptic world.


The cause was the death of a king, resulting in a new ruler.

Sometimes people did not want to accept the new authority, or they were exiled from their lands.


As they had nowhere to go, they would wander from country to country and search for a new home.

In most cases, they were not welcome and driven away.


“…So, what should I do?”


I suppose they were war refugees.

I didn’t mind accepting them. But there were times when they came with trouble.


And sometimes it could escalate to war.

In fact, there were times when this was done on purpose, as war was often desirable. However, we were already in one.


I had no idea if it was a good thing to start another one. But…


(If they are asking for help, I can’t refuse them.)


That was my family’s mantra.

And I must risk my life to protect others.


Those words that my mother said continued to be carved deep into my heart, even after I was reincarnated.

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