Makai Hongi – 24


The first was this Lesser Demon King Fara, that Ruma spoke of.

If he found out that the Reapers were here, he might use that as an excuse to attack us.


We were currently fighting Lesser Demon King Leninoth’s country.

If Lesser Demon King Fara attacked us as well, our country would surely be destroyed.


And there was one other problem.

As Lesser Demon King Melvis was currently sleeping, the country’s defenses were still unreliable.


It was the three Generals who currently decided how the country was run.


I wasn’t sure if I was even allowed to make the decision to accept wanderers from a different country.

If the king wasn’t asleep, I could make a request through my superiors. But it would be difficult for the three Generals to come to an agreement on such a matter.


Still, I should at least talk to one of them first. If I accepted the Reapers without saying anything, it could lead to more trouble.

Probably…no, certainly. They would come here and make me take responsibility.




Say I did bring this matter up with my superior, General Farneze.

Even if he accepted it, I was sure that the other two wouldn’t.


After all, they had apparently fought a lot during the last battle.



I sighed.


“I suppose it is not possible then?”

Ruma said weakly.


“How many of you are there?”

“We are five hundred. Every one of us had to flee.”


“That’s a lot. That could be a great advantage if you join our fighting force. But I’m not sure what my superiors will say… Alright, I’ll go and talk to them.”


I made up my mind. I would accept them.


If I accepted them without saying anything, I didn’t know what would happen. To me, that is.

At worst, I would be killed and the Reapers would be driven out of the country.


“I’ll go get permission for you. I think it will take a few days. What will you do?”

“In that case, we will return when the time comes.”


“Fine. Well, that’s it for today. Be careful so that no one sees you leave.”

“Yes. Thank you for listening to my story.”


Ruma bowed and then left.


Compared to ogres, Reapers were much higher in rank.

Even I could clearly tell that Ruma had a lot of mana stored inside.


“Three times as much as me…maybe more than that.”

Fists against magic. You couldn’t really compare them. But I was sure pretty sure that I would lose in a fight.


Still, Ruma seemed quiet the whole time.

Submissive even, as if he had lost to me in a Gekokujyo.


That in itself was a clear illustration of the position that his tribe was in.

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