Makai Hongi – 26


It was because of this, that our country, which had been rather quiet for so long, was now involved in a war.


“Yes. And do you know what is happening in the area surrounding our country?”


“I learned about it before coming here. The countries of the two Great Demon Kings to the east are attempting to expand their forces. Lesser Demon King Fara and Lesser Demon King Leninoth are threatened by this, and are trying to absorb the surrounding countries.”


“You understand it well. Exactly. But if I could add one thing, it would be that the countries to the west are moving as well. This area is surrounded by them. And so it is difficult to expand your lands. Also, Great Demon Kings and Lesser Demon Kings generally do not fight, so these lands act as a neutral zone.”


Apparently, there were not many people who had a grasp on the power relationships here, and so Corps Commander Nehyor was impressed with me.


Demon King Gidman and Demon King Janius were good friends and formed an alliance.

On the other hand, Demon King Janius and Demon King Tralzard were old enemies, and they never cooperated.


Demon King Tralzard was close to Demon King Reegard, so that would be a more advantageous alliance.

If these four Demon Kings were to join forces, even a Great Demon King would be in trouble.


Along with this power relationship, Demon King Janius and Demon King Tralzard’s were not connected to Great Demon King Dardam’s lands, thanks to the Lesser Demon King’s neutral zone.


If they bumped heads once, it would definitely lead to a large scale war. But thanks to the cluster of Lesser Demon King countries, that did not happen.

However, who knew what would happen during the current war.


“They might attack the Lesser Demon King countries, knowing that it would be unexpected.”


“I knew you understood, Golan. Yes. These battles between Lesser Demon Kings are not important. And so they are now faced with a decision. Do you know what that is?”


“To side with the Demon King or Great Demon King. Or they could merge and become stronger… Is that it?”


“Yes. Lesser Demon King Fara is currently stretching out his forces to the north. Some people think he is running away from a battle against Lesser Demon King Leninoth, but that’s not true.”


“He wants to gain as much power before eating him.”


“Yes. Fara and Leninoth have already swallowed up other countries. They are equally strong at this point. Fara intends to swallow up to six Lesser Demon King countries to the north. And Leninoth has no choice but to go south…”


“But there are only five countries here including ours.”

In that case, Leninoth will lose against Fara.


If Lesser Demon King Fara swallowed up that many countries, one of the names on the Tablet of Control will move up.


—It would be the birth of Demon King Fara.


“…So, Golan. Do you really want to take in those Reapers and become the enemy of Fara?”

And like that, the Corps Commander dropped the bomb on my head.

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  1. His motto is to protect his family, but imo it’s way too early to call those Reapers family. I doubt he’s just going to throw them aside after all this setup, though. Time to get STRONK.

  2. psh, to me it’s idiotic to be this idealistic or stubborn without any power backing it up

    is he gonna be naruto, is he gonna talk no jutsu this

    this is stupid no matter how nice it looks

    there’s a difference in willing to risk your life to do something and sacrificing yourself to do something

    then there’s the death that makes difference and the death that doesn’t do jack sh*t

    all this debacle will amount to is pure BS, and he might likely be saved by some plot armor if they really fight tsk

    after dying those guys will still have to go somewhere, it’s worth nothing

    sigh just sigh

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