Makai Hongi – 4


However, that often resulted in losers who were not satisfied with the outcome. And they would have their revenge through Gekokujyo almost immediately. And they were almost always more prepared the second time.


As the victory had been won last time by coincidence, it would usually not happen the same way the next time.

And of course, the loser would be so angry that they would prepare to take their revenge in turn.


This could go on forever when they were so similar.

It was because I knew this, that I didn’t go through with it during a fight where we were the same strength.


If it was obvious that it would turn into a long fight, both sides might withdraw.


“I think I punished you enough for one day.”

“You’re lucky that you met me while I was in a merciful mood.”


We might say to each other as we walk away.

On rare occasions, we might say, ‘you’re not bad’ and ‘you too,’ and become friends.


It was like one of those old comic books, in a way.

Regardless, at least the danger was gone.


What I’m trying to say here, is that in order to survive in the Demon World, it was less about what you truly felt, and more about sounding strong and not allowing any provocation to go unchallenged. And sometimes, it was necessary to go out and start fights…


This was all rather severe for someone with my old Japanese mentality.

However, I had no choice but to do it. It was better that way for everyone.


I walked for about 10 kilometers and reached the canopy where the commanders were.

As I didn’t know the location, the kobold who was called Rig, guided me here.


On the way, Rig filled me in on a few things.


Coprs Commander Nehyor was our superior. He was also a vampire.

Vampires were both powerful and few in number.


Appearance-wise, Nehyor seemed quite young, but had in fact been active on the battlefield for over 200 years.


“He’s really that old?”

We ogres did not even live for 100 years, so it was hard to believe.


“Yes. It happened about two hundred battles ago. He killed several of the enemy generals all by himself. And it was this achievement that earned him the rank of Corps Commander.”


“But what happened to the previous Corps Commander?”


“He died in that battle. And so Corps Commander Nehyor took his place. They say that he was practically unknown up until that point.”


“Was he a wanderer?”

“It was so long ago that I don’t know the details… But during the battle, he wasn’t even an officer, just a soldier.”


So he went from being a foot soldier to Corps Commander in a single leap.


“That’s quite the promotion.”

As the Corps Commander was above a Commander, he went up two ranks.


Of course, the thing that was the most impressive was that he killed enemy generals while still a foot soldier.

That meant he didn’t even have the benefit of the orb of control.


Giant-killing was quite common in our world, but this was excessive.

The difference in power would have been great.


It was because I heard such stories beforehand, that I felt a little nervous as I stepped under the canopy.

The 200-year-old vampire Corps Commander. What a frightening beast he must be.


However, I ended up being very surprised.

“Huh? Who are you?”


The person in front of me looked like some kind of idol in training.

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