Makai Hongi – 41


“Why! Is that the reason that you continued to threaten my peaceful existence?”

“Of course. In fact, if we ever found someone who wasn’t being beaten to a pulp, we told them to go to you.”

“…So that’s why there was a line…”

I had thought it was strange. Some of them had said that it was finally their turn.

“So… When are we charging?”

“We’re not!”

What was wrong with these idiot siblings. I hate them.

We had strategy meetings every day.

What we decided today solely concerned the defense of the base. Don’t strike out. Focus on defense. That’s what I was told.

Apparently, vicious battles were being waged in the other battlefields.

There were many deaths as well.

Reinforcements had been sent from General Farneze’s main army, but they did not have many men to spare.

Because of this, the General had ordered all of his Corps Commanders to not expand the battle line.

“Listen, the General’s order is absolute. I mean it. Golan, especially you.”

He singled me out. That wasn’t fair.

It’s not like I didn’t understand him the first time.

If the battle line expanded, we risked losing control of the whole thing.

Of course, we would also lose many men.

And that wasn’t an option, as it would be difficult to get reinforcements.

“Ahh. Meetings are so annoying. I always get picked on.”

I grumbled to Rig on the way back.

I never had to ask. Rig would always follow me silently. He was a good adjutant.

Recently, I’ve been wanting to make excuses to not attend meetings.

But I knew all too well that they would then say I was no different from Guden.

Still, I was reaching my limit.

“Hey, Rig. What if we just went with the flow and attacked the enemy?”

“They will likely strike back in great numbers.”

“Right. But…we would still reach their camp, couldn’t we?”

“Yes. The problem is that we can’t see what is inside now. Perhaps they have built two layers of walls.”

The enemy hadn’t done anything so troublesome last time, because they underestimated us. 

Well, it was no surprise they would do that, since we were a group of meat heads.

However, unlike the time that we charged before they were prepared, the enemy now had a strong defense.

After they had retreated, they spent much time and effort in creating their fortress.

That meant that we couldn’t touch them anymore. And we already had inferior numbers to begin with.

There was no way around that.

“We have to minimize our losses… That means staying here.”

“Yes. I believe we should continue this stare down. And hit them if they come and attack.”

“Our base is pretty strong as well. I guess that’s the only choice.”

The side facing the enemy had three lines of defense.

Earthen walls and palisades surrounded us.

And if the enemy got past them, there was a deep trench.

Of course, we did leave a clear path that they would have to go through. 

That would allow us to focus our attacks on a small number at a time.

I had tried my best to recreate the field fortifications I had seen on tv.

Next time, we would make barbed wire.

And lastly, there was the inner defensive wall.

It was simple and made of planks and logs. But it was hard to get through by brute force alone.

In other words, we would suffer the fewest losses if the enemy came and attacked us.

“Still, when will they come?”

It was as I ponder this, that the day ended.

It was time for another meeting.

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  1. “Speaking of which, as a Reaper, Painy was a higher rank of monster than me. And so I was quite sure that she would one day challenge me to Gekokujyo. However, there were no signs of it coming yet.”

    It’s logic. For one thing, unless she’s a fool, Painy saw that Golan is much more powerful than he looks and quite capable of defeating monsters higher than himself. On the other hand, the Reapers owe him their lives since it is thanks to him that they have a place to live. To overthrow him would be very ungrateful, and above all, it will send the worst message possible, since it is precisely for fear of betrayal that they were persecuted.

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